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marlo eggplant

Marlo Eggplant was born in Baltimore, MD. She was originally trained in voice, classical guitar, piano, and cello. She began her musical career favoring folk and punk by playing local venues as a teen. When she attended college in the Berkshires, she became more interested in avant garde and bizarre musics. In 2003, she co-founded Spleencoffin records with Timothy Wisniewski. She was the drummer in the short lived improvisational deconstructed noise rock band, Hazardous Guadalupe.

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Improvising guitarist with mixingboard/electronics, also heard in $un$hine republic, jack nicholson trio and with drummer rich preston. formerly played with tex la homa, miss black america and my hi-fi sister. Releases Gish/Perry - I'm Afraid I Ate Too Much Butter As A Youth (Apollolaan)
www.apollolaan.co.uk Gish - Pilfer (Dead Sea Liner
www.deadsealiner.co.uk Gish - Making Clocks (Dirty Demos)
www.dirtydemos.co.uk/news.html Gish / Black Guns Split (Krayon Recordings)

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Lionel Marchetti

Lionel Marchetti was born in France in 1967. His interest in music resides in the qualities of sound. He is one of a handful of artists who in the mid-to-late 1990s took electroacoustic music out of academic studios and into the free improvisation ring. A scholar who worked at the CFMI (Lyon) and GRM (Paris) studios and published a book on acousmatic composer Michel Chion, Marchetti developed a set-up of microphones and loudspeakers he uses on stage along with tape recorders, prepared CDs, motors and radios.

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Alessio Ballerini

Alessio Ballerini, sound designer and electroacoustic musician, uses a computer and other devices to create experimental, electroacoustic, minimalist and multi-stratified sounds.
He explores real and imaginary landscapes by using field recordings, guitar, piano and digital composition, so that the sound finds its beauty in the harmonic ambient substrate.
He has been a member of the cinematographic group Postodellefragole since 2004. In 2009, together with Pietro Baldoni, he created Abellira, a production studio for soundtracks, sound locations and sound design for multimedia products.

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Richard Skelton

Since 2006, UK artist Richard Skelton has been releasing small run documentations of his own musical explorations through his Sustain Release label. These recordings are always exquisitely packaged, in materials and imagery that really invoke the feel of the recordings locked away on the discs.
Place and space play a big factor in Skelton’s creative process, transporting the listener to the environment in which the music was originally recorded.

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stefano tedesco

Stefano Tedesco is musician and sound artist.
He has solo projects using vibraphone, percussion, objects, electronics and feedback. His sound installation are based on field recordings. Other projects involve video, dance. He is member of the David Toop trio together with Phil Durrant. He performed in trio with Rhodri Davies and Joe Williamson, as well as with Tim Hodgkinson and Elio Martusciello and recently with Stefano Pilia and Andrea Belfi.

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Bernard Parmegiani

Bernard Parmegiani (1927) is a French composer of who trained (1959) under Pierre Schaeffer. Raised amidst two pianos, Bernard Parmegiani grew up under the Sign of Sound, listening to the everyday scales practised by his mother, a teacher, and to the virtuoso repertoire of his step-father. He was taken on as a sound man first on the radio and later on TV, which is where he conducted his first experiments with "bit twiddling" on tape.

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