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Old Man Luedecke

Old Man Luedecke (Chris Luedecke) is a singer and player living near Halifax, Nova Scotia. Old Man Luedecke left the big old city of Toronto, met a girl in the Yukon, fell in love, bought a banjo and fell in love again. After a couple of years of love and banjo and the makings of a brilliant performing career in sunny Halifax, he returned to the Yukon with his sweethearts. There he woodshedded. He wrote a ton of songs over the next year and a half.

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From the forests of New Brunswick, Share has emerged with a Ukelele and a catalogue of songs. Wheat field and parking lot themes are woven through Share's songs as they are experienced through the sounds of the ukelele. His first album "ukelele tragic" has been a long time coming and has arrived at a time when the world needs it most.

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Ghost Bees

Ghost Bees started in 2005 as large group but in 2007 was pared down to just Romy and Sari Lightman, twin sisters from Halifax. Romy plays guitar, Sari plays mandolin, and both sing. On their 2008 debut album, Tasseomancy, their friend Amber Phelps-Bonderoff joins them on viola.

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There are three bands known to have used this name. 1. 2013 - Present: Rock band from London, England.
Band Members: Alex Davies (Vocals/guitar), Dan Mount (Bass), Bob Barrett (Drums)
Following the hiatus of the band Elliot Minor, frontman Alex went on to form a new band.
Their first single ‘Sweet Dynamite’ was released via PledgeMusic in January 2013. 2. Spirits (Slovenia) also known as "Night Spirits" are a grunge rock group from Izola (Slovenia), active in the 90's. They released his first and only album "Zemljin Krik" (Earth's Scream) in 1999.

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Blue Hawaii

Blue Hawaii tells the story of a lush paradise. The way begins ambient and uncertain, but beautiful white shell beaches and carefree sunshine parties await and nourish those travelers with love in their hearts; their peace thus raised above the arguments found along the rocky road. The duo consists of Raph (Braids) and Agor; they use voice, guitars, synths, drum machines, and other electronics to create a kind of tropical-pop with love ache melodies and experimental club rhythms.

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CLECKHUDDERSFAX are a London based D.I.Y Rock band Formed in 2004. They draw influences from the weirdest corners of Punk, Prog, Synthy Pop and Disco to create a unique sound which mixes up experiment and fun in equal measures. FIRST ALBUM AVAILABLE FROM THEIR WEBSITE: They have recorded a self-released EP and an LP for Chinchilla Tone Records. Recently they have also contributed tracks to a new Alt Delete Records Compilation...

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Boy is a Norwegian rock band with quite a unique style. They rely heavily on synthesizers to make there music stand out from the run of the mill rock band.
There album "I Know You're Not Asleep" along with the band name was probably inspired by the famous line from Whitnail And I.
Listen to Boy on, +++ Boy is a band from Zurich (Switzerland) consisting of Valeska Steiner (see also: Valeska) and Sonja Milena Glass.
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Driveway is a new group from Toronto made up of ex-MAdE frontman Jason Taylor, ex-MAdE bass player Chris Sytnyk, drummer Robin Mason (Superhalo, Statistics), and Corey Matheson (Haggis) on banjo, pedal steel and guitar. These seasoned musicians have combined their influences that include Whiskeytown, The Jayhawks, Lucinda Williams, Coldplay, The Rolling Stones, Pixies, and Sonic Youth to form this ‘rock band’.

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