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Robh Hokum

Gentle acoustic numbers with a wonderful scratchy sound and background fuzz that makes it feel like a lost folk recording from distant days past. Listen closer
and a world of haunting alternatives to the everyday that would turn Lewis Carroll green with envy are slowly revealed.
- Decode Magazine

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John Waters

John Waters (born April 22, 1946, Baltimore, Maryland) is an American filmmaker, who became well known in the early 1970s for his intentionally transgressive comedies. Waters grew up in Towson, Maryland, a suburb of Baltimore. His boyhood friend and muse Glen Milstead, later known as Divine, also lived in Baltimore County, Maryland, a short distance away. Waters' films would become Divine's primary star vehicle.

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Radiodervish was founded in Bari in 1997, an artistic partnership between Nabil Salameh and Michele Lobaccaro.
The result is a refined musical portrait, a harmonious blend of melody and lyrics in Italian, Arabic, English and French, inspired by both the Arab and Western musical traditions.

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Harem Scarem

There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Harem Scarem is a Rock band hailing from Ontario, Canada, formed in 1987. They renamed themselves Rubber in 1999 and released two albums under that name. In 2001, they went back to the Harem Scarem name. In the Summer of 2007 they announced they "will officially break-up after one more studio album." 2) Harem Scarem emerged from Melbourne's mid-80's indie scene, but, it could be argued, were closer in sound to classic Australian blues-rock from a decade before (Dingoes, Coloured Balls, Chain, Rose Tattoo etc.

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Dntel is the solo project of Jimmy Tamborello. Dntel is known for mixing glitch and cut-up electronic techniques with instruments like acoustic guitars, accordions, and symphonic instruments. Dntel is also the project that spawned The Postal Service. He started working as Dntel, pronounced Din-tell, in 1994. A collection of tracks created between 1995-1997 (Early Works For Me If It Works For You) was released on the Phthalo label in 1999, followed by the release of an EP recorded in 1994 (Something Always Goes Wrong) in 2000.

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Mark Abis

" My vote for one of the best of the new generation."
Joe Boyd (Record Producer: Nick Drake, Pink Floyd, Sandy Denny, REM, Fairport Convention)
Perhaps once best known for writing the song 'Summerbreeze' that appeared in the TV show 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' ,'Secret Diary of a Call Girl' and Brothers and Sisters' and was recorded by Emiliana Torrini for her Roland Orzabal produced album ' Love In The Time Of Science.

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Dave Thomas

Dave Thomas is an English Pianist/Accordionist already familiar to many fans of French composer Yann Tiersen from his popular YouTube account - on which he covers, entirely by ear, works from the critically acclaimed Amelie soundtrack with an astonishing degree of musicality and touch. Dave is currently attempting to forge a solo career from a rapidly growing fanbase.

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