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Funeral Throne

Funeral Throne are a chaotic Black Metal band from the UK. A trio consisting of guitarist and vocalist Saturnius, bassist and backing vocals Morgul and drummer Athrial. Labelmates with Gorgoroth side-project Jotunspor on Satanas Rex (offshoot of the popular Industrial/Black Ambient label Cold Spring). Their debut album Nihil Sine Diabolvs (2008)showcases their hard-edged Black Metal stylings and punk-influenced bite as an act.

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Regulus are a stoner rock band from Sheffield, UK formed mid 2012 by guitarist Ozzy, bassist Carl, and drummer Joe. Joined by vocalist and guitarist Luke towards the end of the year Regulus began gigging in the local area. They released their debut EP, The End, in February 2013 and are currently gigging around the Yorkshire area, working on new material and recording a three track concept EP entitled Titan Moon.

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Black Witchery

"The uncompromising pure Black Metal act BLACK WITCHERY evolved from the early 90's act IRREVERENT. By 1996 the band had retitled itself WITCHERY. A further title change occurred in 1999 as BLACK WITCHERY was adopted. The 2000 album ‘Hellstorm Of Evil Vengeance' was a shared affair with Canadian act CONQUEROR. As part of their contribution BLACK WITCHERY cut a cover of BLASPHEMY's ‘Demoniac'. BLACK WITCHERY have also contributed versions of SLAYER's ‘Fight Till Death' to a Dwell Records tribute album and KREATOR's ‘Tormentor' for FULL MOON PRODUCTIONS "Tribute to Kreator" CD..

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1) O is a darkwave duo born in 2009, London, UK. Aaron and Liam are two brothers, who decided to form a darkwave band, after hearing the news that their grandfather, a massive fan of darkwave music, had passed away. They are currently working on their first EP.
Twitter 2) O was a punk band from Perth, Australia and were around during 1992-1998. 3) O is a raw black metal act formed 2000 in Finland, with relations to the bands ...and Oceans and Havoc Unit.

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One Tail, One Head

Black Metal from Trondheim, Norway. Current Members:
Luctus - Vocals (Behexen / Celestial Bloodshed)
Åsli - Guitars (Vemod)
*symbol* - Drums (Mare) Former/past members:
Steingrim Torson - Bass (Celestial Bloodshed, Miseria X, Selvhat, Jammerskrik, Unbeing, Grenjar) (R.I.P. May 1st 2009) Discography:
One Tail, One Head, Demo 2008
Demo II, Demo 2008
One Tail, One Head (Remastered EP) 2011
Tandava (EP) 2011

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