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Black Rain

For French glam/hard-rock band, see Blackrain. There are at least eight bands with the name Black Rain:

1) Black Rain, the NYC post punk / industrial group began in '89 with Stuart Argabright, Bones, Shin Shimokawa , Thom Furtado and Dave Vulcan, emerging out of the ruins of seminal post-punk outfit Ike Yard. After playing CBGB's, The Bank, Tompkins Square Park show commemorating the Riots there and the last GG Allin show at the Gas Station on LES ( Lungcast cassette ), this phase of the group went on to work in the Studio with Roy Mayorga (Thorn / StoneSour ) on drums and guitar riffage.

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PROCLAMATION "Desecrating Black Goatcore Apostasy" Formed in 2003, the hellish line-up from Spanish soil, now consists of Usurper of Eternal Condemnation and Inverted Crucifixion - War Commands/guitars/effects, Abomination of Four Mayhemic Winds and Bestial Offensor - drums, Irreverent Captor of Abysmal Flames and Ultimate Desolation - bass and Reverend of Goetic Rituals, Commander Of 72 Evil Spirits - Reinforcement Vomits.

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Originally formed by Von aka Goat (Vocals/Lead Guitar), Venien (Bass/Drums), Mark (Bass), Joe (Guitar/Drums) and later adding Vennt aka Snake (Drums) in 1988. Joe and Mark left the band, but Von, Venien, and Vennt practiced in a warehouse that they all worked at, but then eventually booked studio time downtown, where they created the music you hear on the demos. The names Von, Venien, and Vennt were actually based off their real names and the final formation of VON took shape.

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Formed in 2001 in Letchworth, Hertfordshire, UK, Niroth were formed for one purpose: Making real Black Metal, to try and gain a bit more respect for UKBM, the image of which has been somewhat of a joke due to the weakness of the obvious culprits. Niroth has played shows with bands of all genres, from Electronic acts to bands such as Primordial,Enthroned and Demoncy, showing a respect for many styles but without the need to integrate them and water-down the music, instead choosing to translate influences from a vast spectrum of sources into bleak,violent Black Metal.

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There are 2 bands with the same name, a German Black Metal and an Italian Power Metal band (which would tour with Rhapsody over Europe on 2011) 1) The German Black Metal one - man project by F. Nachzehrer - everything (Mensch Schmerz Interaktion, Moriturus/Regnum, Torch of War (Ger), Weltenkampf) 2) Italian band (the photo is from that band):
The Vexillum born in Pisa in September 2004, from an idea of Michele

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There are at least two artists by the name of Gaunt: 1) Gaunt was a garage punk band formed in Columbus, Ohio, in 1991. The original lineup formed from the ashes of the short-lived and punkadelic Black Juju, and consisted of guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Jerry Wick, bassist Eric Barth (who had also been in Two Hour Trip with the Spurgeon brothers, who would soon form Greenhorn) and drummer Jeff Regensburger (later of The Patsys).

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Archgoat is a Finnish black/death metal band formed in 1989. Their initial period of activity was between 1989 and 1993, when they released two demos - "Jesus Spawn " and "Penis Perversor " - and an EP titled "Angelcunt (Tales of Desecration) ". They split up until about 2005 when an old recording was released as the "Angelslaying Black Fucking Metal " EP. Since their reformation they have released two full-length albums, "Whore of Bethlehem " in 2006, "The Light-Devouring Darkness " in 2009...

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There are three known artists sharing the same name.
1. Tasty Jamz from Atlanta, Georgia. 2. An instrumental progressive group from the United States 3. An underground black metal project from the United States 4. A hardcore band from Newcastle, Australia 1. http://www.facebook.com/cavernsatl 2. Caverns are an instrumental progressive/math rock trio from Washington D.C. with a prominent piano sound. The line-up consists of Patrick Taylor (piano), Kevin Hillard (guitar) and Ross Hurt (drums).

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1)French black metal band which released two demos, "In the Mist" and "Yggdrasil" in 1993 and 1994, respectively. Later changed their name to the much better-known moniker of BLUT AUS NORD.
2) a new-age band featured on several compilations
3) Croatian hip hop artist
4) Incorrect tag for artist Vlad Kuryluk, who used this pseudonym on his "Muzyka relaksacyjna" album.
5) An easy listening/lounge musician who's works are predominately shown on MyOwnMusic.

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