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Regulus are a stoner rock band from Sheffield, UK formed mid 2012 by guitarist Ozzy, bassist Carl, and drummer Joe. Joined by vocalist and guitarist Luke towards the end of the year Regulus began gigging in the local area. They released their debut EP, The End, in February 2013 and are currently gigging around the Yorkshire area, working on new material and recording a three track concept EP entitled Titan Moon.

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Destruktor was formed in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia in 1995 by Glenn and Jarro, out of the ashes of their previous band "Aphasia" their genre can be catagorised with death metal, black metal and thrash metal, Making it Blackened Deathrash! the first Destruktor demo “the holy trinity… denied” (1997) consisted of 3 tracks of high energy black metal, with much higher pitched shrieking vocals as opposed to the more typical death metal growls of their latter material. Shortly after the release of this demo the band would recruit Regan on bass duties.

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Funeral Throne

Funeral Throne are a chaotic Black Metal band from the UK. A trio consisting of guitarist and vocalist Saturnius, bassist and backing vocals Morgul and drummer Athrial. Labelmates with Gorgoroth side-project Jotunspor on Satanas Rex (offshoot of the popular Industrial/Black Ambient label Cold Spring). Their debut album Nihil Sine Diabolvs (2008)showcases their hard-edged Black Metal stylings and punk-influenced bite as an act.

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Ill Omen

1 Ill Omen (Australian Black Metal Band) Members:
- IV - (Everything) Releases:
Ill Omen (Demo) - 2009
Black Esoterica (Demo) - 2009
Adverse Order (Demo) - 2009
Spear of Salvation (Demo) - 2010
Compendium Melificarum (Compilation) - 2010
Wrath Of a Thousand Suns (Demo) - 2011
Divinity Through Un-creation (Full-length album) - 2011 2. Ill Omen (FINNISH hardcore band) Turku City, Finland. Hardcore band founded in the Fall of 2008.

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... is a black metal band, started in 2007 as international project, the group in now located in Parma, Italy, with only Italian members.
Since their formation, they have released a demo, a full-length and two split albums. Discography
2007 - Suffering Existence (demo)
2009 - Somebody Save Me (full-length)
2011 - Cold Journey Through Madness (split with Dead and Vidharr)
2012 - The Path Toward Forgetfulness (split with Shyy) Members
Current line-up:
Lateliis - vocals, lyrics
Gabriel - clean vocals, lyrics

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Valrog is a Scottish black metal band started in 2007 by Destroyer (guitar) followed by Bludgeoned (drums). Formed to promote Black Metal in Scotland and its theologies. Scepter(bass) and GUUL (vocals) (also of solo project Guul) complete the line-up. A six-track, self-titled album was released on September 15th 2009.

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There is more than one band with the name Geist: 1.) Geist, (http://www.geistreich.org)
2.) Geïst, from Germany (http://www.facebook.com/eis.official)
3.) Geist, an / project from Alsace in France: http://www.geist-musik.eu.
4.) Geist, (http://www.myspace.com/geistclans)
5.) Geist, The group's music features percussion, harp and Chapman Stick. http://www.harpdancer.com/geist.html
6.) Geist, from Israel (http://www.myspace.com/geistfluch)

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There are multiple artists with the name XIAN: 1.) Xian is an alias of Christian Bishop of Melbourne, Australia.
Xian's previous music projects included the renowned metal outfit 'Filthy Maggoty Cunt' as well as Art-Wank Black Metal Trio 'Morloch'.
As well as establishing himself as a highly recognized and respected producer and performer, Xian also operates the label/collective 'Black Lotus'. Formed in 2001, Black Lotus focuses on supporting experimental artists by hosting events and releasing music through various media.

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There are at least 9 active bands using the name Tundra. 1) Tundra (as Morgan Packard) from Canada, drum'n'bass.
2) Tundra from Canada. Hardcore/Gabber/ Breakcore.
3) Tundra from Italy. Black metal. FKA Afterglow.
4) Tundra from Canada. Progressive House, Leftfield, Techno, Ambient.
5) Tundra from Denmark AKA Sure Miner. Danish Pop/western/country/folk.
6) Tundra from Brighton in UK. Post-rock. AKA Tom de Grunwald
7) Tundra from Norway. Black Metal / Progressive Rock.
8) Tundra from The Netherlands. Deephouse / Techno

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