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http://youtube.com/descendofficial With their debut release "Through the Eyes of the Burdened", Descend bursts onto the scene with an album that is as hard hitting as it is diverse. The songs are crafted and performed with expert musicianship, combining technical brilliance with strong song writing skills.

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88 is War nsbm horde from Bulgaria. The first demo of 88 is a rehearsal, recorded in 20.04.2006 and released through the Bulgarian underground music label Acclaim Records on demo tape (limited to 88 hand-numbered copies). This first demo is a really extreme kind of sound. Very raw and unbalanced - real noise madness. Seven compositions with primitive and minimalistic sturctures. In may, the same year, 88 have recorded a new promo track - "Our War Is Our Future". This track was included in the Underground Black Metal compilation "We Worship.

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Emperor is an influential Norwegian band that represents a synth laden, progressive yet brutally aggressive and chaotic part of the genre, something quite different from the minimalism of other originators of the Norwegian sound (e.g. Darkthrone). The band was formed around the core members Samoth (Tomas Thormodsæter Haugen) and Ihsahn (Vegard Sverre Tveitan) of the band Thou Shalt Suffer and bass player Mortiis (Håvard Ellefsen) in Notodden, Norway, 1992.

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Shadowthrone is the name of at least two different artists:
1. Melodic black metal band from Germany. Released one demo (2000) and one full length album - 2007 - Quoth the Raven Nevermore.
Has site: http://www.shadowthrone.de/ 2. Grim Black Metal from Hungary.
Line-up: Padre (guitars), Khrul (drums, vocals) website: http://shadowthrone.uw.hu Khrul is also known for playing with the bands: Assur, Avar, Kill with Hate, Amarus Dorum, Ater Tenebrae, Hell, Disztraktor, Funebre, Koprofaagia, Marblebog...

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1)French black metal band which released two demos, "In the Mist" and "Yggdrasil" in 1993 and 1994, respectively. Later changed their name to the much better-known moniker of BLUT AUS NORD.
2) a new-age band featured on several compilations
3) Croatian hip hop artist
4) Incorrect tag for artist Vlad Kuryluk, who used this pseudonym on his "Muzyka relaksacyjna" album.
5) An easy listening/lounge musician who's works are predominately shown on MyOwnMusic.

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There are multiple artists named Holocaust:
1. A Heavy Metal band from Edinburgh
2. A Wu-Tang clan affiliate aka Warcloud aka Robot Tank aka Alcatraz
3. A 60s garage punk band
4. A Canadian black metal duo, also known as Cumming Jehovah
5. A German black metal band.
6. A 1980s punk band from Christchurch, New Zealand. 1. Holocaust is one of metals most influential and pioneering bands. Tributes have been paid by no less than Metallica ("The Small Hours"), Six Feet Under ("Death or Glory"), and Gamma Ray ("Heavy Metal Mania"), among others.

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There are eight artists by the name of Vex. 1) Vex hailed from South East London / north west kent area and formed in the very early eighties, the 'Sanctuary' 12" and 'It's no crime' on the Mortarhate compalation 'Who?What?Why?When?Where?' were their only releases.
Sanctuary was issued on Fight Back, a sublabel of Mortarhate, run by the people of Conflict. Vex also played gigs with Conflict, so they were more associated with the anarchist punk scene than the Batcave fair. But contrary to most anarcho-punk bands from that time, they were not influenced by CRASS or Conflict.

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1) Hardcore punk band from Pittsburgh, PA. 2) Hard rock band from Tampa, FL. 3) Visual kei band from Japan. Please use the tag ?????. 4) Black metal band from China. 5) Metalcore band from Ontario, Canada. 6) Pop punk band from New Bedford, MA.
Further info: 2) Heartless is a hard rock/hair metal band formed in Tampa in the late 80s and performed together for several years. Through the later 90s, the band transformed and became 'Kenne McGey and Lefty' and are still active in local Tampa scene.

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Drowning the Light

Following the split of Australian black metal band Baal Gadrial in 2003, vocalist Azgorh created Drowning the Light. Four demo tapes were recorded and given extremely limited distribution, being given out only to close friends. From 2003 to 2009 Azgorh has recorded 10+ demos, 10 full-length albums (5 of which were released in the same year: 2007) and material for a number of split albums under the Drowning the Light moniker.

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