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There are at least 6 bands / projects named Sleepers: 1. Sleepers is the recording and performance project of Silas Ciarán and Amanda Boutourline. It began as a solo outlet for Ciarán in early 2004, and was at this time geared towards Black and Doom Metal with flecks of ambient. It is now a full fledged crossover project, incorporating many different sources into one heap of sound. 2. Sleepers was a progressive new wave rock band from Gold Coast, Australia. They have changed their name to Awaken I Am.

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DIY in the literal sense of the word, Canada's Powercup may book their own tours, screenprint their own shirts and press their own tofu etc, but they're also slavishly devoted to the cult of the power tool and 'Home Improvement's blue collar patriarch Tim Allen. The gimmick alone isn't the selling point, but 2010's brilliantly named, "Renovate At All Costs“, the Montreal trio's debut full-length, is a ferocious blast of rough hewn...

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White Male Dumbinance

White Male Dumbinance play fast, pissed off power-violence for fans of Infest, Crossed Out, Spazz etc. members have also done time in some killer bands in their past (and present) such as Arms Reach, Life.Love.Regret, The Dead Walk!, Conation and Captain Cleanoff! They have released a demo and two 7 inch EP's out on Missing Link records: 'Forced Vengeance' and a split with Masstrauma.

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Cloud Rat

Cloud Rat is an American grindcore trio hailing from Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Since forming in late 2009, the band has evolved into a strong force of rapture and intensity, continuing full throttle on delivering a reigning sound with an impetious fervor. cloudrat.blogspot.com

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Rick Hopkins

Rick Hopkins is 29 and currently resides in Saranac, Michigan with his wife of 9 years and three kids. Rick was born and raised out in the country just north of St Johns, Michigan. Rick and his wife got engaged right after high school, went to college together at Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. While going to school at Cornerstone they became involved with Ada Bible Church where they continue to attend. Rick leads worship regularly, his wife works in children's ministry, and they lead a married couples small group.

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