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There are multiple artists known as Desecrator: 1. Desecrator is genre inspired four-piece band from Paris, France formed in year 1993. During this time they have toured around, recorded and released at least five various length albums - latest of them split with band Agathocles in year 2007. 2. Desecrator was an early band from the UK. They formed in 1989, recorded a promo in 1990, and released their only full length 'Subconscious Release' in 1991, then disappeared.

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1.Conspire is a hardcore/doom band from Forked River,NJ
http://conspire666.bandcamp.com/ 2.Conspire - power violence core band from Bardejov(Slovakia). Members: Matúš R. - drums; Dodo D. - el. guitar, vocals; ex - Vlado K. a.k.a. Megashit - bass, vocals(rest in peace bro!!!)
(anti)Discography: Demo'05 - 7 tracks including one cover version of "Dystopia - Backstabber" Song "V mene pokroku" also appeared in "Underground Harmony Compilation 1"

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Fight Back

Fight Back formed in 1997 in Pozega, Croatia, and recorded their first demo in 1999. The line up on that demo was Neno - drums, Bjeki - bass, Kktz - guitar, Dena - vocals, and Nani - Vocals. The same demo appeared on the "Crust Is Dead!" 4 way split tape with Dislike, Starvation, and Apatridi. Soon, Fight Back had some line up changes: Neno - drums, Bjeki - bass, Gera - guitar, Kktz - vocals, and Nani - vocals, and their musical direction changed from crust punk to raw hardcore.

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The Day Man Lost

The band played a blend of fast punk/grindcore & power violence. Lyrics with written in a straight forward manner talking about such issues as animal rights, anti-authority/anti-cops, pro working class etc. They played their first gig in November 2003 & played their final gig in August 2008 in their home city of Preston (Lancashire). They only put out 3 releases in that time (some could say quality, not quantity lol).

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There are mutliple artists with this name: 1) Infest was an influential American hardcore punk band, formed in Los Angeles, CA from 1986 to 1996. They were instrumental in pioneering powerviolence, a musical cross-breeding of hardcore, sludge, thrashcore/fastcore, and grindcore. Members were Joe Denunzio (vocals), Matt Domino (guitar), Dave Ring (bass) and Chris Clift (drums). The band , while not coining the term powerviolence, were definitely pioneers of it.

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Helen Watson

Helen is a UK singer songwriter. She has been described as a folk-soul / blues / jazz / R & B artist. Her songs are sensitive and funny with great lyrics and melodies which stick with you.
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What the press say about Helen * "A bright future beckons for this crystal voiced lady." Q Magazine * "Helen Watson is a long neglected gem who's keeping R&B alive and positively kicking for anyone willing to listen." Siobhan Long , Hot Press (Ireland).

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JohnXMcClane is a 4 piece powerviolence outfit from the dark underbely of South East UK. Their debut EP has worked its way around the internet, as the band have worked their way around the country like a plague. Following the EP, the band has since released a video for the final song 'Maggot', which can be viewed on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1YUd7vEvo8. Keep your eyes peeled for JXM to hit your hometown soon. http://www.facebook.com/jxmpv

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