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There are 2 artists under the name Freyr: [1] Freyr is a project begun by T.E. Greenway in 2007 to syphon ideas not usable elsewhere. [2] Formed in mid-2012, Freyr began writing and recording with plans to gig in early 2013. Drawing influences from Jimmy Eat World, Mae, Paramore and other bands in the genre, Freyr are aiming to create catchy songs with a powerful live performance. In the upcoming future, gigs and recording sessions are being booked so remember to check back often!

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Jonny 5

Jonny 5 is a DJ residing in Brixton, UK. He plays at various parties around London, as well as co-promoting Invisible Factors and Dream Machine events. He has also performed in Amsterdam, Berlin and Montreal. He contributed mixes and dj edits to the Cybernetic Broadcasting System.

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Shakespears Sister

Shakespears Sister was a synth-pop-rock band formed by former Bananarama singer-songwriter Siobhan Fahey in 1988. It was Fahey's first musical project since leaving Bananarama. Later in 1989, American backing vocalist and guitarist Marcella Detroit was featured more as London Records presented the band as a duo. The name is taken from the title of the song "Shakespeare's Sister" by The Smiths, which in turn refers to a section of Virginia Woolf's feminist essay A Room of One's Own, in which Woolf argues that if William Shakespeare had a sister of equal genius...

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Harold Shipman the man was cold, calculated and precise. Harold Shitman the band are more like a warm, sloppy mess on your chest.
We are elitist wankers who think your band is shite; "We make art not music" "Yes we will play your metalcore show" HxS

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2-piece noisegrind from sydney, australia. formed 2008
9 track demo 2009
13 track digipak CD "i am become" 2010
9-track mini-CD EP 2011 - available through Grindcorekaraoke.com mathias huxley - throat, strings, samples;
muzz - blasts

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