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power violence

Blaster Master

Fastcore PV influenced HC Punk Members
Amber (Vokills)
Chepe (Guitar)
Anthony (Drums / Vocs) Band interests
Kicking ass, pizza, hi fives, video games, and going turbo fast!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ApEcRJcA8k http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYxMmEXyt94

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Rick Hopkins

Rick Hopkins is 29 and currently resides in Saranac, Michigan with his wife of 9 years and three kids. Rick was born and raised out in the country just north of St Johns, Michigan. Rick and his wife got engaged right after high school, went to college together at Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. While going to school at Cornerstone they became involved with Ada Bible Church where they continue to attend. Rick leads worship regularly, his wife works in children's ministry, and they lead a married couples small group.

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Three artists record under the name Vaccine. 1) Christine Vaccine is an electronic music producer from the United States
http://www.myspace.com/vaccinedub 2) Vaccine is a band from Massachusetts, made up of current and former members of Think I Care, Glue, Relics, Failures, Orchid and Ampere.
http://www.vaccinexxx.blogspot.com/ 3) Vaccine were an alternative rock band from Germany (active 2001-2009) - follow-up projects of its members: VXHLL, Starpost, Reste von Gestern

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Harold Shitman

Harold Shipman the man was cold, calculated and precise. Harold Shitman the band are more like a warm, sloppy mess on your chest. We are elitist wankers who think your band is shite; "We make art not music" "Yes we will play your metalcore show" "Go chew a fud" HxS

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There are multiple artists known as Desecrator: 1. Desecrator is genre inspired four-piece band from Paris, France formed in year 1993. During this time they have toured around, recorded and released at least five various length albums - latest of them split with band Agathocles in year 2007. 2. Desecrator was an early band from the UK. They formed in 1989, recorded a promo in 1990, and released their only full length 'Subconscious Release' in 1991, then disappeared.

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