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Jean-Guillaume Cabanne is Telegraph’s kingpin artist, with six EP releases, as well as six of his tracks, in solo or with David Gluck as Ultrakurt, featuring on the Post Office compilations. On Logistic, he has co-produced the Blackstage album with John Thomas. His releases on Telegraph, 7th City, Karat or Perlon (with Ark as Copacabannark) have made him one of the most forward-thinking artists of the scene.

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Mr Flash

French producer from Aix en Provence. "Flash Gordon" use to work for Virgin Music (France), in the cinematography, to finally have fun with his samplers and take the "guys of TTC" with him to produce them on their firsts 12". In 2001, he found his label Lust Island but the history is brief, after his first release, Pedro Winter will rapidly contact him to have his next releases on his label Ed Banger Records.

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1) There is an italian folksinger named Fabio Bosco, mostly acoustic love songs. 2) There is also an emcee named Bosco from Orange County, NY who released the B.P. EP in 2009.

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There is more than one artist with this name:

1 | DatA / Electro / David, FRANCE
J'aime par l'art, Aerius Light, Rapture (feat. Sebastien Grainger) ... Trop Laser EP (2006)
Aerius Light EP (2007)
Rapture EP (2008)
One In A Million EP (2009) First album : 2009 More infos : / --------------------------------------------------------
2 | Data is a d.i.y. (emotional) hardcore band from porto alegre, rs, brazil.

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The Penelopes

There are at least two bands using the name The Penelopes: From Japan 1) The Japanese twee-pop outfit the Penelopes was essentially the work of singer/songwriter Tatsuhiko Watanabe; the group debuted in 1992 with the album In a Big Golden Cage, followed a year later by Touch the Ground. Although by this time the band was primarily a Watanabe solo project, he maintained the Penelopes' name for 1997's Kiss of Life; A Place in the Sun, issued that same year, was the first LP issued on Watanabe's own Vaudeville Park label.

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It’s been a year since Cassian’s last EP. And where has the kid with that haircut been? He’s been in the busy, that’s where he’s been. The lead single ‘I Like What You’re Doing’ has already been premiered on BBC Radio 1 by Jaymo & Andy George as part of their “Picks of 2011” show. It takes on the form of a powerhouse party psalm. Charged by an ever-familiar bassline and anthemic vocal performed by a shadowy, old-school Australian music identity. It’s turned into an 80’s fire-funk workout by Lorenz Rhode on his ‘Dangerous Mix’ and a filtered robo-haus jammer in his ‘Rhythm composer mix’.

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