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Andrew Bayer

Andrew Bayer is an American DJ/Producer from Washington, DC. He is known for his unique productions on the Anjunadeep and Anjunabeats labels, also incorporating elements of , and other genres. He is also known for collaborations with Norwegian producer Boom Jinx (as Boom Jinx & Andrew Bayer), BT, and the now inactive group SignalRunners with Alan Nimmo.

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1) Dusted is the dewy-eyed solo pop project of Holy Fuck's Brian Borchedt. It draws on Women's tantalising, elegiac lo-fi moments; 'Candy Says'-era the Velvet Underground; and cavernous Microphones-style production, and a debut album is due through Hand Drawn Dracula / Polyvinyl in summer 2012. Borchedt is based in Toronto, Canada. 2) Dusted is the joint venture of two producers, Rollo Armstrong (Rollo Armstrong, who has produced New Order, Pet Shop Boys, Faithless) and Mark Bates (Guy Ornadel).

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gyenyame /jin-yami/ Its name the ancient adinkra of Ghana, its meaning 'only God'. Its words from the world's great spiritual traditions, its sounds from the classical traditions of Iran, the rhythms of Africa and its fusion with the West. Its mission to make the mystical real, its destination unity. In its search for a more chilled out existence, join gyenyame on their journey into the mystery. gyenyame are:

Joyce-Efia: vocals, keyboards
Amelia Samuel: vocals, santour
Anthony Harmer: vocals, guitars, santour, bass

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Leon Somov

Leon Somov has been creating music for more than 10 years. His musical carrier began in a metal band, and much later he became a member of a popular Lithuanian rock band InCulto. At present, he is studying audio engineering in SAE institute in London. A FREE Leon Somov feat. Jazzu: Offline Remixed (Sutemos021) and Leon Somov feat. Jazzu: Offline EP (Sutemos018) is available for download at Sutemos Netlabel. More info:

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There are six bands that go by the name Nimbus. 1) Finnish progressive rock band from the early seventies. Their only album named Obus was published in 1974 and is nowadays really rare collectors item. 2) A band from Hamilton, New Zealand. 3) Basque Rock band with female singer. One member later formed Keike 4) A group of producers from London making deep tech/house releasing on labels such as Bitboutique, Iron Box and Nightlight Music.

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Mumbai-born composer Ashutosh Phatak’s music is the stuff of dreams. Opulent, lucid and at times unsettling, Ashu’s mystic sound scapes artfully weave stories of love and loss, of hope and fear: stories that are at once intensely personal and invitingly universal. His debut album ‘Sigh of an Angel’ is rooted in duality, and exists in fantastic worlds that are intimate, expansive and rich in their visual imagery. 

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