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Tantrix is Toby Pearce (UK) & Antonio Catalano (IT). Toby was originally a metal head and has played in various rock/metal/thrash bands but was turned onto electronic music in the early 90's and started frequenting trance parties in London, such as Megatripolis and Otherworld. Antonio arrived in Brighton (UK) in 2000 from a punk-rock background and techno orientation, he was instantly seduced by the psy scene and it was at several Brighton psy parties that the two met. It wasn't long before the pair got some pioneers and started playing at a few small parties.

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Hilight Tribe

Natural Trance is a patchwork linking modern culture with ethnic sound.The Hilight Tribe, five musicians and one sound doctor at the mixing desk, play a live performance for the dancefloors of the 3rd millenium. Digeridoo, Djembe, Guitar, Congas, Drumset or Bass , among others, come in synchronization with the Drum kick. Travelling the world is part of the deal, that's how the band finds it's happinness, inspirations and way of life!

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Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha is UK Producer and DJ Jeremy van Kampen. A former guitarist, his inspiration for producing trance was kick started by the Goa parties of the early 90s. His first release was the 'Cannabanoid' EP on Transient records under the name Cosmosis with Bill Halsey in 1995. This partnership went on to produce a top selling album 'Cosmology' and a string of hits such as 'Morphic Resonance' and 'Gift of the Gods'. They also released the singles 'Infinite depths' and 'Karma' on T.I.P. Records as Laughing Buddha.

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There are multiple artists called Cyan: 1) Cyan is a Spanish pop-rock band from Barcelona.
Their music is intimate and emotional, in a combination that ranges from pop to rock, with epic flavors, introspective lyrics and prominent melodies.
After some years showcasing their work in concerts in Barcelona and Madrid, in 2008 they present their first album, Cyan, masterized by the Grammy awarded Adam Ayan.
Official web site: www.somoscyan.com

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There are two artists that have gone by the name "Dynamic".
1) Psytrance duo from Israel. They are and Ben Avital and Shay Elmakaies. Their songs on Psytisfaction CDs hit the full-on hearted minds ... 2) Urban Soul, group "Dynamic" operates out of California's Bay Area. They have released two albums. The first, "Photosynthesis" was heavily influenced by hip hop and the vocal style of Dynamic's drummer/lead vocalist Darian Gray.

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Felix Greenlees aka Terrafractyl has been playing and writing music for as long as he can remember. Brought up on a diet of Classical, Opera and Jazz he eventually went on to play Bassoon in several professional orchestras around Australia.
He has also played piano for most of his life, and was over the moon when he discovered a genre of music into which he could incorporate all the different types of music he had grown to love.
It was called Goa-trance.
Since then Felix never looked back, and he is now one of the most prominent and sought after psytrance performers in Australia.

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There is more than one artist with this name. 1.Dreamweaver aka Jim Granlund is an experienced trance artist, he has a very diverse style and a wide range of influences. Having his roots in the early synth/EBM/electroindustrial sound, he was instantly touched by the energy and complex techniques of trance music in the mid-90's. Dreamweaver's sound is cosmic trance of the space age, filled with drifting sounds and complex soundscapes.

Read more about Dreamweaver on Last.fm.

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Three bands with the name Psychonauts exist : 1) DJ band formed by Paul Mogg and Pablo Clements. 2) Psytrance duo from Greece. 3) Psychobilly band from Switzerland. 1)The Psychonauts are Paul Mogg and Pablo Clements. Two school friends from Yeovil in Somerset. They became friends through a shared love of hip hop and disco. They started a club night known as the Night Of Cookers and mixed up hip hop, house and techno.

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