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Paul Hardcastle

British synth player, born December 10, 1958. Enjoyed success on the scene in the early 80's before breaking into the mainstream with "19", an international smash which spent five weeks at number one in the UK. In the latter half of the 1980s he specialised in work. He made the theme tunes for Top of The Pops and Saturday Live, popular British entertainment shows. Paul now records mainly under the pseudonym Jazzmasters. Early tracks of note include the popular 'Rain Forest' and 'King Tut', both were big dance hits in the U.S.

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Sunship is the brainchild of producer Ceri Evans.
The Sunship crew has grown over the last sixteen years, and now features essential crew members DJ Chunky bringing on board the DJ skills, along with James 'The Doctor' Dowbekin with his engineering skills and all round Mac Omnipotence! Sunship first appeared in 1991 with the breakbeat track 'Sunship' on the Acid Jazz label.Since then, there have been many twists and turns on the path over years.

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Rozalla (born Rozalla Miller on March 18, 1964 in Ndola, Zambia) is a female Pop/Soul/Dance music performer from Zimbabwe. She is best known for her 1991 hit Everybody's Free (To Feel Good). Her subsequent club success has earned her the title "Queen of Rave". Rozalla first came on the scene in the 1980s in Zimbabwe, the country she had moved to from her birth country. Her singles charted well in the area and english producer Christopher Sergeant took her to London in 1988. She later started living there and Christopher became her manager.

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Red Snapper

Red Snapper are a British instrumental band founded in London in 1993 by Ali Friend (double bass), Richard Thair (drums), and David Ayers (guitar). The three core members are also joined by various guest musicians and vocalists on different records. Stylistically, Red Snapper's music contains elements of jazz, funk, jungle, trip-hop, hip-hop and breakbeat, as well as references to early psychedelic and progressive rock.

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There are two artists known as Vee. 1) At the youthful age of 18 years, Vee is already amazing people, with her song writing ability, vocal talent and her energetic, individual style of performing.
She is from Perth, Western Australia. 2) Vee also known as Valiant is an abstract producer based in Johannesburg South Africa, he is well noted for his abstract sounds often deploying Bass, Drums then Melody.

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Shep Kennedy

Shep began his DJ career in the late 80's at Bensons Wine Bar, Essex, England. His Sunday night residence soon became so popular they moved him to a Friday Night slot "it was great because everyone was into rave in the late 80's and there was me playing rare groove & jazz, and the kid's were loving it."

It was in the early 90's that Shep got in to radio via Friends FM, a pirate radio station in Leyton, East London, working alongside Soul 24-7's Alan Jay.

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