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Camel Walk

Psychedelic feel good camelsteppin dub duo from St Albans/Leeds/Coventry, UK. Dragon plays guitar and banjo, among other things, and produces the tracks, while Jam rants and hits things (drums, women, etc.) They are writing and recording whenever they get the chance, so keep an ear out for new material. For more songs and info, check out http://www.myspace.com/camelwalking or search Camel Walk on Facebook!

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The Death of Her Money

The members of The Death of her Money formed a band in late 1997 in the Rhymney valleys where they practiced and wrote many songs under various names for around two years until they finally stuck with the name "Copius Kiffage". They started playing gig's around 1999 since they were not bothered about playing in front of an audience so soon but really only formed through boredom in the nights after school, Rhymney didn't/doesn't have much to offer.

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Damo Suzuki's Network

Damo Suzuki's Network is an experimental/improvisational music outfit that revolves around Damo Suzuki. This Japanese-born singer is best known for his 1970-73 stint with Krautrock legends Can. Following his departure from the band, he embarked on a decade-long hiatus from music. By 1983, however, Damo Suzuki returned to the realm of music. In the 1990s, he formed and began fronting Damo Suzuki's Network.

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Samothrace initially came together out of friendship made through involvement in DIY Punk/Hardcore/Metal community. Although currently based in Seattle, Washington, their hometowns span from New Mexico, Kansas and Oklahoma. Their lyrics, albeit poetic, are rooted in the ideals of social change, political incoherence, and a bleak but positive outlook on life... intended for those who've taken back their breath and risen on their own and those who wish to do so. Samothrace is an evolving beast. Keep it heavy... keep it underground. Heavy music for heavy times.

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Two Bands (Greek Dark/Gothic Metal & Swedish opera/pop-duo)
Finnish Dj (Drum & Bass) 2006-present ELYSION were founded in 2006 by guitarist Johnny Zero & by singer Maxi Nil who, by welcoming on board talented musicians of different backgrounds, soon shaped up a highly promising team, with music approach consisting of many shades of atmospheric and metal elements mixed pop/rock formulas as well as alternative/electro and Gothic influences.

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Slowdive is a / band that formed in 1989 in Reading, England, United Kingdom. Signed to Creation Records in 1990 and initially championed by the British music press, the band scored a UK top forty entry with their debut album Just for a Day. The band consists of Rachel Goswell (vocals/guitar), Neil Halstead (vocals/guitar), Nick Chaplin (bass), Christian Savill (guitar), and Simon Scott (drums, 1990-1994, 2014-present); additionally, Ian McCutcheon replaced Scott from 1994-1995. Goswell and Halstead had known each other since early childhood in Reading, Berkshire.

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