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There are at least eight musicians/bands going under the name of MILO 0. Milo is a brown man rapping. He is 20 years old and is a sophomore in college. He released his debut mixtape, "I wish my brother Rob was here" on November 1st, 2011. On February 19th, 2012 he released "Milo takes Baths", a mixtape featuring Milo rapping over Baths' instrumentals. Milo also wrote this blurb about Milo, apart from the bits he didn't. In 2012, he signed to Hellfyre Club Records.

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The Worries

The Worries began to ply their trade in Brockley, Lewisham. They quickly developed into a top live Reggae act doing shows for Choice FM, Greenwich Bubble Theatre and various charities including the Jamaican Lignum Vitae Club, Amandla and Matagalpa Con Amore. Over the years The Worries have backed various artists including Maxi Priest, Vivian Jones, Roy Richards, Nico Junior and Sandeeno. The Worries have just completed their lastest album.. Strictly Worries.

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Dirty Revolution

Dirty Revolution are a four-piece female-fronted reggae ska punk band based in Cardiff, South Wales. With such songs as "50 Pence" and "I Love Reggae" being played on Radio One's 'The Lockup', Dirty Revolution have enjoyed an ever-growing fanbase. They've recently recorded and released a five-track self-titled EP on Do the Dog Records.

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Garland Jeffreys

Garland Jeffreys (born 1943 in Brooklyn, New York) is an American singer, songwriter and guitarist. His music is a mix of rock 'n' roll, reggae, blues, soul and even hip-hop. He began his career performing solo in Manhattan clubs in 1966 after attending college at Syracuse University as an art major, where he became friends with Lou Reed (future co-founder of The Velvet Underground). He spent some time in Italy studying art before coming back to Manhattan to further his education at New York's Institute of Fine Arts while working with several New York bands.

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Little Axe

Providing guitars, bass, keyboards, and vocals, Little Axe is the return to the blues that Skip grew up with and learned from his father. Born Bernard Alexander on 1 September 1949, Dayton, Ohio in the USA. Skip McDonald learned to play the blues on his father's guitar from the age of 8, although by the time he was 12 years old he had opted to perform doo-wop. But from picking up a guitar as a child, and returning to his roots with Little Axe, there has been a long twisting road.

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The Jolly Boys

A mento quartet from Port Antonio, Jamaica, formed 1955. They perform with bongos, banjo, rhumba box & kalimba / finger-piano. In the 50s, they were popular at The Trident Hotel & parties for 'the rich'n'famous', e.g. at Errol Flynn's residence. During the late 80s, they received renewed interest, when Jules Shear heard them playing at the Trident - he returned later & produced Pop 'N' Mento & other albums. A new album - Great Expectation - is slated for release, late 2010.

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