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(For the Korean boy band, see 테이크.) There is more than one artist under this name: 1. Based in Los Angeles, Take (Sweatson Klank) is a composer who continues to push the boundaries of instrumental hip-hop music into new directions. After multiple successful EP's under his belt, Take finally unleashed his debut full length player in 2007, Earthtones and Concrete. This music is nothing short of an epic journey with continuously evolving collages that lead the listener down a dust covered road of bit-crushed melodies and molested jazz samples.

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Talkshow Boy

Talkshow Boy describes his music as "Hyperactive Glitch Pop", and you couldn't think of a better name for it. Listening to one of his albums is like watching a bunch of rats on speed eat their way through a wall of fairy floss, or riding on the back of a killer whale 2,000 feet below the surface. The only thing surpassing his recordings in sheer energy levels are his live performances, in which he walks about the entire venue interacting with the audience, when he's not rolling around on the floor or dancing like a madman.

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There two bands with this name: 1) História skupiny Editor sa dá rozdeliť na tri etapy.
Prvou etapou je obdobie od vzniku skupiny v roku 1988 až do roku 1993. Počas tohoto obdobia skupina vydala štyri demo kazety a jej tvorba sa dala jednoznačne zaradiť do thrash metalovej škatuľky.
Druhou etapou je obdobie od roku 1994, kedy skupine vychádza prvý oficiálne vydaný album "Shut Up!", na ktorom sa skupina predstavuje už nielen vo svojej typickej thrash metalovej podobe, ale svoju hudbu obohacuje aj o prvky hardcoru a punku.

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Dnte is a Berlin based hungarian musician, producer.
His music generally develops linearly - with new elements such as violin,viola, guitar...has atmospheric textures, with hard swing rhythm and some sweet electro – synths with live instruments.
His style is build up a wide range of different music styles. Debut EP "Dnte - Wake me Up" released 10.20.2011 by Resistant Mindz records. http://dnte.bandcamp.com/releases Soundcloud --> http://soundcloud.com/dante-1

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