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Lurk has been listening to electronic music since his first party, an Orb album launch party in 1993; he discovered psytrance about a year and a half after that and bought decks in '96, initially because all the best music was on vinyl. When vinyl started to die out, he invested in cdj's and went on from there. Lurk's taste in music covers a large section of psytrance (as you can see from the tracklists below), from progressive morning music to screaming, dark night music. What he plays at a party depends very much on what time it is, and the mood of the crowd.

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David (DJ Leptit AKA Shotu) is an electronic dance music producer from France who has been an active member of the psytrance scene since 1996. He started DJing in 2002. Securing his spot as a “night psychedelic” act, Leptit came up with his musical project called “Shotu”. After successful collaborations with artists like Jahbo, Grapes of Wrath, and Barak he put together his first compilation “Twisted Vision” in the summer 2006 which received excellent feedback from around the world.

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There are two different projects/acts named Bus. 1.
Bus, a duo consisting of Daniel Meteo & Tom Thiel, playing minimal dub enriched by minimal electronics and hip hop. worked together with MC Soom-T, most releases under ~scape 2.
Bus, aka Gus Till (Slinky Wizard/Zen Lemonade) is one of the pioneers of the psy trance scene since its inception. Highly prolific, releasing over 60+ tracks either under his own name or as Bus, slinky Wizard, Stoop & Fidget, Zen Lemonade on Flying Rhino, Dragonfly, Iboga, Tip World and many more.

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Union Jack

There are multiple artists with this name: 1) Union Jack are Simon Berry and Claudio Giussani, a trance music project from England. Best know for releasing the classic trance album "There Will Be No Armageddon". Founded in 1993, the duo has focused on acid and tech trance and has been closely associated with the Platipus record label. Their singles "Two Full Moons and a Trout" and "Red Herring" saw much club play in the early nineties."

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Vibe Tribe

Vibe Tribe is Stas Marnyanski (22) who has been making music since his early teens. There are no limits to the indisputable talent of the mind which is behind the "Vibe Tribe" project. The Russian-born Israeli Stas Marnyanski (1985), who had been making music since his early teens. Stas started to produce music at age of 13, about four years later the things got more serious and his career moved to high gear. He started to release his first tracks on various compilations on different labels with a purpose to bring something different and fresh to the scene.

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There are at least 2 artists with this name 1) Psytrance producers (Nikolay Golutvin & Vladimir Kataev) from Russia. This is the Furious that everyone is talking about. 2) Hip-Hop Artist, Producer, and Songwriter. Born and raised in the Bay Area, Furious' passion for Hip-Hop music began early. With that determination, Furious launched his career as a Hip-Hop Artist, Producer, and Songwriter in 1993 with the release of his first album "If I Can't Have None.

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Tantrix is Toby Pearce (UK) & Antonio Catalano (IT). Toby was originally a metal head and has played in various rock/metal/thrash bands but was turned onto electronic music in the early 90's and started frequenting trance parties in London, such as Megatripolis and Otherworld. Antonio arrived in Brighton (UK) in 2000 from a punk-rock background and techno orientation, he was instantly seduced by the psy scene and it was at several Brighton psy parties that the two met. It wasn't long before the pair got some pioneers and started playing at a few small parties.

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