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Mat created Mons as an outlet for his lifelong love of sound. In particular, the sounds of fuzz boxes, drums, drum machines, vintage synths as well as the cheapest Casios, theremins, vocoders and randomly captured conversations comprise but a few of the tools in his arsenal. Over the course of 3 albums, including Stimulus Frequency For The Localization of Sound in Space, released in 2004, a wide array of sounds, textures and tones have resulted from his chaotic yet pure approach. Mons continues to be exclusively a studio recording endeavor from inside the confines of his Washington, D.

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Ganga Giri

Ganga Giri mixes red natural elements with fat tribal beats and dirty funky bass lines to create a unique tribal-technological deep earth dance experience. Explosive and pulsating, at times ambient and flowing, the music is a pumping percussive multi-layered experience of complex grooves and raw, deep natural sound. Ganga himself is a rhythmic didjeridu virtuoso and percussionist -- an inspired music creator whose passion brings people together in celebration of nowness in newness, a modern day corroboree for all!

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Soul's Alien

Soul's Alien is also know on this planet as Leonardo Sants. In the mid 90s, Brazil was introduced to a new type of dance music brought from the golden beaches of Goa and medieval lands of Europe. Parties were held deep in the mystic indigenous forests and attracted a fresh new crowd, hypnotized by these amazing sounds. His first contact with trance music was in Brasilia ( Brazil ) in 1999 when influenced by names like Alien Project, Swarup, Bamboo Forest, G.M.

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Systemic reside by the beautiful Brighton seaside, Systemic takes us through a magical journey of mind, spirit and enlightment. With their E.P already on release, spawning a large amount of controversy Systemic have already gathered a well-rounded english fanbase and even one overseas. They are due to play with Lamb Of God in november at the Brighton Centre. The E.P has 3 tracks: 1. Mistress
2. Anyone, Anymore
3. Get Away Systemic Are: Felix : Vocals
Sam Prior: Guitars

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1. Aladdin is psytrance DJ and producer Michael from Stockholm, Sweden.
Aladdin started his career in 2000 and did his first track release 'Cyborg Eye Of Mine' in 2003 on Swedish 'Creon Records'.
His debut album, Void Last Line, was released in 2008 on Meira Records. 2. See アラジン 3. One of junglist producer Aphrodite's pseudonyms. 4. An incorrect tag for Alan Menken who wrote the music to the 1993 Disney Animated Film.

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Broken Toy

There is more than one artist with this name. 1. James Copeland a 24 year old from Cape Town, South Africa.
2. Alexander Popp a 35 year old from Toulouse, France since at least 1997 (that is when I discovered him) 1. James Copeland produces psytrance with a diverse style and a wide variety of moods for the dancefloor - from full-on to electro-funk, from deep and dreamy to tribal techno. He also produced as a member of the more full-on project " Damage ", and has been successfully making psytrance since 2001.

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Nick Carter .. member from thr boy band Backstreet Boys .. he has a sole album called " Now or Never "
Born in New york ..on 28/1/1980 ..

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Hilight Tribe

Natural Trance is a patchwork linking modern culture with ethnic sound.The Hilight Tribe, five musicians and one sound doctor at the mixing desk, play a live performance for the dancefloors of the 3rd millenium. Digeridoo, Djembe, Guitar, Congas, Drumset or Bass , among others, come in synchronization with the Drum kick. Travelling the world is part of the deal, that's how the band finds it's happinness, inspirations and way of life!

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