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The Hippy Mafia

You think your parents are your parents, right? You believe what you see is reality, right? You accept the history and the education you have received as truth yeah? But somehow, somewhere, deep inside, you feel there must be more, much more. Something doesn’t add up? Something doesn’t feel right, there must be more to this than working for the MAN right? More than just being a number, more, more than THIS?.

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Combat’s main subverter Stormfield was sonically trained via the early strains of LFO, Aphex Twin, Black Dog, Autechre and the first wave of dark, techy atmospheric drum and bass masters Photek and Source Direct, later carrying these influences proudly through other forms of music like electro, dubstep and hard breakage. Later exposure to the works of Scorn and a 4-year stint living near Brixton’s colossal dub soundsystems left him with a pathological need for chest-rushing basslines.

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There are two bands using this name: (1) A satellite band of Secret Chiefs 3 that focuses on funeral music, and themes of the collapse of human consciousness. Trey Spruance has said all of his Mr. Bungle compositions are FORMS songs put through a 'bungle' filter. He portrays FORMS as his 'compositional center'. They first released songs under this name in the 1990s. (2) Another band formed in early 2010 from ex-members of And Hell Followed With, Deliverus, and R'lyeh, the dudes from Michigan have begun shredding out a unique blend of heavy grooves and aggressive music.

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Robert Hood

Robert Hood makes minimal Detroit techno with an emphasis on soul and experimentation over flash and popularity. Having recorded for Metroplex, as well as the Austrian Cheap label and Jeff Mills' Axis label, Hood also owns and operates the M-Plant imprint (including the two sub-labels Drama and Duet) through which he has released the bulk of his solo material.
Hood was a founding member, along with Jeff Mills and Mike Banks, of the Underground Resistance label...

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Scott Grooves

Patrick Scott aka Scott Grooves received his house music baptism from Jeff Mills' legendary The Wizard radio shows and going to the legendary Music Institute. It was at this seminal club that he met Kevin Saunderson. After forging a friendship with Kevin, Scott tinkled the keyboards for Inner City. After hearing a Soma (Funk D'Void) record in a Detroit record store Scott Grooves sent a demo of his album to the Soma office. The rest is history!

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There is more than one artist with this name. 1) Spectra, pseudonym of Claudio Maioli, is an Italian musician, famous for his song "Ken il guerriero", Italian opening theme for Fist of the North Star. 2) Spectra is an electronic music group from Portugal. Their sound is specific, original and at times experimental and can be described as melodic morning trance.
With climatic melodies, dynamic bass lines and an overriding positive atmosphere Spectra display the talents they posses. They can be described in two words, 'Beyond Belief'.

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