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Jonah Matranga is a singer, songwriter and guitarist who has released a variety of solo material under both his own name and onelinedrawing, and has previously been part of the bands FAR, New End Original (an anagram of "onelinedrawing") and Gratitude. Much of his solo material has also been self-published, though often subsequently distributed through labels such as Crank! and Corrupted Image. However, his two full-length onelinedrawing albums, Visitor (2002) and The Volunteers (2004) were released by Jade Tree Records.

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Team Doyobi

Alex Peverett and Chris Gladwin are Team Doyobi. Their sound has been influenced by various forms of electronic dance music (e.g. techno, electro, acid house, italo-disco, glitch, 8bit), as well as progressive rock, krautrock, noise, free jazz, and electro-acoustic and ambient music. Gladwin and Peverett met while attending school in the Linconshire Wolds, a culturally remote area on the east coast of England, and immediately began their creative partnership.

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Mortal and Chemist

“M&C (AKA Mortal & Chemist) is a long running partnership
between Alex Peverett and Tom Knapp, active since 1998.
Initially formed from their shared interests in sampling,
programming, tape edits and remixing, M&C’s sound continues to
progress and has landed them deep in worlds of sequencer
coding, sound synthesis, Sci-Fi atmospheres and prolonged
duration man-machine explorations. M&C have performed select
rare live shows including an appearance at the Autechre curated
All Tomorrow's Parties Festival (UK, 2003), Tokyo's Trench

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