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Paris Riots

Paris Riots are an instrumental ambient post rock trio from England. They mix the epic post sounds of Sigur Ros and This Will Destroy You with the more frantic and fast paced elements of bands such as 65daysofstatic. The band formed in early 2007. Brothers Sam and David Butler along with Brett Wright make up the band. Paris Riots released their self titled debut EP early in summer 2008 recording at Moonbase Studios.

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Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire!

Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire! are a indie rock group from Adelaide, South Australia. They feature David Williams (vocals/guitar), Sam Stearne (drums), Caitlin Duff (vocals), Nathaniel Morse (guitar), Art Zinoviev (synth) and Josh Flavel (bass). Formed in 2006 into the vapid whirlpool era of fluro dance-punk, the quintet has since been impossible to pin down to any one sound or genre, opting for distinct stylistic strides between releases.

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Electric Litany is a rock band was formed in the spring of 2007 in North London, England. The lineup consists of: Alexandros Miaris from Corfu, Greece - vocals, guitars, piano, synths
Richard Simic from Devonshire, England - drums, percussion, cretan lute
Duane Petrovich from Texas, USA - bass
Benjamin Prince - synths, piano The story of the band started, when Alexandros and Richard met in London.

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Saxon Shore

At the time of recording The Exquisite Death... in June 2005, Matthew Doty (guitar, keyboards) was still working with line-up changes, keeping Stephen Roessner (drums, percussion) and Matthew Stone (guitar) as the only full-time members of the live group. It was not until the band's spring 2006 Japan tour that William Stichter (bass) and Oliver Chapoy (guitar, keyboards) came on board full time. The sound of this new, five-member group was what Saxon Shore wanted to capture with a new album.

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Bossk are a Kent based post-metal band. They released 2 albums (.1 and .2) and a DVD (.3), forming 'The Trilogy', post disbanding in 2008 a split EP was released with Rinoa, containing the new live track "Events Occur In Real Time". In early 2012 they announced they were reforming for a BBC Maida Vale session for Daniel P. Carter's Rock Show which would include new song 'Pick Up Artist', to be released as a free download from the bands website in September 2012.

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Hungry Ghosts

Melbourne based. Recorded debut LP with Rowland S. Howard as producer. Followed up with Alone, Alone. Recorded in NYC with Sonic Youth's Steve Shelley. Also released self titled EP. Stopped playing in 2001. J.P. Shilo (ex- Hungry Ghosts) reappeared on the scene with a solo LP, also released through Steve Shelley, called As Happy as Sad is Blue. JP launched it in Melbourne at Manchester Lane on Jan. 17 2007 with support from the Dumb Earth. The line up included J.P. Shilo (Hungry Ghosts), Tim Howden (Hungry Ghosts) Mark Dawson (Black Eyed Susans) and Kiernan Box (Augie March)

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There are six different artist with same name: 1) Pyramids (Denton, Texas) An band combining elements of , , , and .
They released their debut album in 2008, followed by cooperative releases with Nadja, Horseback and Wraiths and the box-set WVNDRKMMER, a collaboration with 52 different artists.
Due to their highly collaborative nature, they have yet worked with artists like Jesu, Blut aus Nord, lovesliescrushing, Ulver, Lustmord, This Will Destroy You...

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