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Hailing from opposite sides of the Mersey pond, Loka’s music provides a soundtrack for a world where ambiguous morality and perverted desire fraternize with an uneasy thoughtful calm. By turns seductive, sleazy, unsettling and evocative, Loka’s multi influenced aural excursions tell tales aplenty, but not necessarily with a happy ending.
After early encounters highlighted a mutual passion for soundtrack scores, electronica and late sixties improvisation, Karl Webb and Mark Kyriacou immediately set about working on material that would form the basis of their forthcoming album.

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Departure Lounge

There are at least two bands named 'Departure Lounge': 1) London four-piece alternative rock band, formed in 1988. 2) Christchurch, New Zealand downbeat/jazz band, led by Oakley Grenell aka O.G. The London four-piece Departure Lounge has been composing their own brand of alternative rock since the late '90s. Frontman Tim Keegan, who used to play guitar with Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians, formed Departure Lounge with guitarist Chris Anderson, percussionist Lindsay Jamieson, and bassist Jake Kyle.

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There seems to be more than one "Mornings". --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Mornings - Joe Bergeron Mornings arose as a project of Massachusetts native Joe Bergeron, after having written chipmusic for years, wanting to switch to more modern styles of music. Having experience in classical musicianship, playing violin since age three, his music is a far cry from anything near that genre.

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Desert Dwellers

Bringing the electronic bass music vibe to the yoga scene, and the sounds of yoga to the electronic dance scene, Desert Dwellers’ global sounds are the bridge between worlds. Joining solid groove with sounds of serenity, their signature aesthetic feels as natural on the dance floor as it does after hours or on the mat.  Due in no small part to Desert Dwellers’ pioneering spirit, the very concept of chill-out and sacred bass music has expanded dramatically.

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Roberto Lange is an artist born in South Florida and is the son of Ecuadorean immigrants. Growing up he was surrounded by tropical heat and hurricanes that represented the rich colors of sound and people living in South Florida. The sound of bass and late-night "peñas" in and around his house carved a deep foundation into his interest for sound and the things producing them. The "pause-tape" and a karaoke machine gave birth to his first sounds and music. With whatever he could grab; guitars, matches, hand claps and voice, Roberto was slowly revealing his way of hearing things.

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