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Born into a family of traditional musicians and the son of a father who was already spinning records in the late sixties, Chaim grew up to become a complex producer. Influenced by Moroccan music he heard at home while growing up, and the sound of Chicago House he fell in love with while working as a light jockey in his local clubs, his productions tell a story of a sensitive musician from Tel Aviv.

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Jo Jo De Freq

JoJo De Freq is the DJ and co-promoter of London's super salacious Nag Nag Nag club. Nag is, as JoJo says, a wear what you want, play what you want kind of place' and it's this attitude that has made it the capital's hottest attracting, in the last two years, globally renowned acts like Dave Clarke, Tiga, Miss Kittin, Hell and a loyal audience of wild revellers that cram it to capacity every Wednesday night.

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Dirty Goods

Dirty Goods position their main influences among Daft Punk, Justice, CHROMEO, Rick James and Prince with lot’s other bits and pieces thrown in for good measure. Lead singer ‘Wylee’ speaks of the band’s debut single Honest with ‘it’s an honest tune, it’s as honest as it gets’. Dirty Goods’ ‘Woody and Wylee’ were formerly of Newport indie outfit Jump the Underground who were a band referred to by the NME as "Super Scratchy Indieists".

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Spanwise Filament

Spanwise Filament is Anna Hetherington, a musician / vocalist / composer / producer living in Leeds, UK.
Anna's guitar, piano, vocal and electronic based music can be found on the albums 'Ships', 'Ellipsis' or 'Retriever', whereas her more purely electronic music is featured on 'The Stop from Doing Nothing Collection'.
Some are SONGS, some are TRACKS.
What you'll find is eclectic and unique.
Soon to be performed live...

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High Fidelity

Disambiguation: The name "High Fidelity" can refer to either the 2000's group "The High Fidelity" fronted by Scott Dickson of Glasgow, Scotland, or can also refer to the soundtrack for the movie "High Fidelity" based on the Nick Hornsby novel. Regarding the band "The High Fidelity", the following information is from their record label's web site:
"The High Fidelity's eclectic pop mixes drum loops, electronics, and synths in rock-structured songs.

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Hot Toddy

There are two artists with the name Hot Toddy. 1. "Hot Toddy" is the solo moniker for Chris Todd, better known for my work with Crazy P(enis), but has been writing music under the name of Hot Toddy since around 1998. His first releases were on the Nottingham based label Neon Heights and on the Manchester based label, Paperecordings (the album "Super Magic", in 2001). [ ]

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Chicago born and bred Melvin Oliphant aka Traxx is known for constructing the "jakbeat" sound -- "a turbo-charged take on old school acid and Chicago house for the '00s put together with the unmistakeable tones of classic analogue gear such as the TR-909, TR-808, and, of course, the TB-303". Traxx himself talking about this phenomenon:
"It's a truly separate genre in its own right... the reason is because jakbeat is influenced from not just by techno and house...

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