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Deltron 3030

Deltron 3030 is a USA supergroup, formed in 1999, around a core of: producer Dan Nakamura (aka Dan the Automator and the cantankerous Captain Aptos), rapper Teren Delvon Jones (aka Del Tha Funkee Homosapien and Deltron Zero) and DJ Eric San (aka Kid Koala and Skiznod the Boy Wonder), with many other artists, e.g. Damon Albarn, Sean Lennon and Paul Huston (aka Prince Paul) - all taking on various futuristic pseudonyms, like MC Paul Barman (aka Cleofis Randolph the Patriarch).

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BADBADNOTGOOD is pianist Matt Tavares, bassist Chester Stone Hansen, and drummer Alex Sowinski, who is usually seen wearing a pig mask. The trio met at Humber College in Toronto, Canada and bonded over their mutual musical interests—OFWGKTA, Gucci Mane, and Waka Flocka Flame. BADBADNOTGOOD released their first two albums in 2011, both for free off of their official Bandcamp. They have most recently released BBNG2 for free at http://badbadnotgood.com

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Greg Osby

Saxophonist, composer, producer and educator Greg Osby has made an indelible mark on contemporary jazz as a leader of his own ensembles and as a guest artist with other acclaimed jazz groups of the past 20 years. Notable for his insightful and innovative approach to composition and performance of original jazz music, Osby is a shining beacon among the current generation of jazz musicians. He has earned numerous awards and critical acclaim for his recorded works and passionate live performances.

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C2C was born in 1998 from the meeting of 4 french Dj's : Greem, Atom, Pfel and 20Syl. Member of an emerging movement called "scratch music" (or turntablism), this crew keeps working on finding original sounds and knows how to benefit from its technical control to put forward some musical quality which makes its identity. Each member uses his turntable as an instrument, recreating in turn drums or bass guitars, scratching a riff of guitar or shearing the brass... to lead to a general harmony such as bands made up of instruments known as "traditional".

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J-Treole is a four-piece Progressive HipHop Jazz outfit from the UK, bringing their own unique blend of "Indie Jazz-Hop hot sauce" Comprising of Mfon (vocals/sampler), David (bass), Stu (drums/sampler) and Ali (keys), originally set to remix Miles Davis' 'Kind of Blue' Dubbed as Metro Jazz, Swing Rap... J-Treole have never seemed content with straight forward Hip Hop scene or the ever diluted styles of modern Jazz.

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There are two artists known as Vee. 1) At the youthful age of 18 years, Vee is already amazing people, with her song writing ability, vocal talent and her energetic, individual style of performing.
She is from Perth, Western Australia. 2) Vee also known as Valiant is an abstract producer based in Johannesburg South Africa, he is well noted for his abstract sounds often deploying Bass, Drums then Melody.

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There are 7 Bands releasing under the name Error 1.) American Error released an EP in 2003 on Epitaph, the group was comprised of members from several other bands all working together to make something new and different from their other bands. The result was an industrial sound with elements of rock, punk and contempory electronica with an aggressive vocal style. Error comprised of:
Atticus Ross (of Nine Inch Nails/12 Rounds)
Brett Gurewitz (of Bad Religion)
Leopold Ross (of Nojahoda)
Greg Puciato (of The Dillinger Escape Plan)

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The Pharcyde

The Pharcyde is a West Coast underground/alternative hip hop group. The group was formed in 1991 in South Los Angeles, California, United States, where the group's members grew up. The group was one of the most well known of the first wave of alternative hip-hop acts. The original members of the group are "Slimkid3" (Tre Hardson), "Fatlip" (Derrick Stewart), "Imani" (Emandu Wilcox) and "Bootie Brown" (Romye Robinson). The group is best known for their hit singles "Passing Me By" (which crossed over to alternative rock radio) and "Runnin'", and their debut album Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde.

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The Antidotes

Coming straight from Los Angeles, The Antidotes are a breath of fresh air. Friends since high school, the group of 4, consisting of MarkFader, Phenomenon, Jo Well & Konscious K, have done shows with the likes of U-N-I, Blu, Souls Of Mischief, Ugly Duckling, Visionaries and many more artist. Priding themselves in their live shows, the group was even scouted by none other than Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas at Temple Bar in Santa Monica. The group just recently signed a deal with GoonTrax: Media Factory of Japan and dropped a new EP which was put online for free.

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