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1. Palace is one of the many names used at one point or another by Will Oldham. Palace came after he named himself Palace Brothers for the first LP, before Palace Music, and a few years before the world knew him as Bonnie 'Prince' Billy. According to Oldham, records released under the "Palace" moniker were usually recorded in the winter time, and feature some of his darkest, most challenging songs. See for bio, discog, and news.

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There are at least two artists with this name: 1) A glam rock band of the 1970s, contemporaries of the New York Dolls. 2) Charlie Davenport, a singer/songwriter from northern California.

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The former alias of Dan Snaith, an electronic musician from Dundas, Ontario, Canada. Snaith renamed himself Caribou in 2004 under threat of an American lawsuit by Richard "Handsome Dick" Manitoba, who had used the surname professionally since the 1970s but has not released any music as a solo artist. Manitoba's critically acclaimed album "Up In Flames" has since been re-released under the Caribou name and listed as such in discographies.

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There are two artists that use the name Jaymay. 1) Jamie Seerman and 2) JayMay a Christian rapper. 1. Jamie Seerman is an American folk singer-songwriter from New York. She performs under the name Jaymay. She was raised on Long Island and in 2003, unable to find a job in book publishing, Jaymay began playing open mics. Her major musical influence is Bob Dylan. She has been described by the BBC as "darling of the New York 'Anti-Folk' scene", and by the New York Times as a "big name for the indie universe". Tags: 
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Mick Flannery

Mick Flannery is a folk music singer-songwriter from Blarney, Ireland. He is a former member of the rock band Black Orange. Mick has released both an EP and two albums, Evening Train and White Lies, as a solo artist. Mick's songwriting ability has been recognised by two different international music competitions. On February 8 2005 he was named a Finalist in the Folk category in the December section of the International Song of the Year Competition. On January 5 2005 he was named a semi-finalist in the Lyrics only category of the International Songwriting Competition

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