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Evol Intent

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia the crew consists of Knick, Gigantor and The Enemy. Apart from being a production outfit, Evol Intent also owns and operates their own label, which functions as an outlet for their own work as well as like-minded artists. After building an underground following with their first 3 releases, Evol Intent signed a deal with Alpha Magic to handle their distribution for Evol Intent Recordings.

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Bad Company UK

Bad Company UK are a drum and bass collective consisting of Jason Maldini, Darren White (aka D-Bridge), Dan Stein (aka Fresh) and Michael Wojicky (aka Vegas). They were originally called Bad Company but the UK was (unofficially) added to avoid confusion with the rock group of the same name. They are also referred to by their logo, a mirrored BC, which best translates into )E|3(
or ͻϵ|϶ϲ No known URL, neither MySpace nor official, is available for this group.

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Darren "Decoder" Beale is 1 third of electro/pop/alternative Group Kosheen, alongside a vocalist and fellow DJ Markee "Substance" Morrisson.
Both DJ's have shared great success both with Kosheen and as solo DJ's/Artists.

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Digital releases: 03.10.10 (1) kr4y - snap out of it (2) kr4y - chaindrive (TEMPERD025)
02.09.10: (1) kr4y - red alert (2) kr4y - TR-3B (3) kr4y - datamining (SECTION8014D)
21.06.10: Fade & kr4y - Minigolf (1 of 3 tracks on the Minigolf EP TPD019)
07.05.10: Implant & kr4y - Stealth (collab on Implant - The Blue Scout LP WAY027)
01.11.09: (1) kr4y - Snare (2) kr4y - Vunzig (Insekto Digital 002)
27.05.09: kr4y - Fringe (T3K006)
01.08.08: kr4y - Brainrot (1 of 10 tracks on WAY004)
20.07.08: kr4y - Depurify (T-FILE007)

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Shock One

Coming from a traditionally trained musical background Shock One bring a unique sound to the drum and bass music scene. Discovering the sound through artists like Bad Company, Konflict and Ed Rush & Optical, it wasn

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NEONLIGHT fusions two upcoming German drum and bass producers: Tobias Jakubczyk and Jakob Thomser notoriously known as NIZE5IVE & PITCH ’n’ SULPHUR. The two boys imbibed music with their mother’s milk let alone their fathers who already played together in a band. The love for Drum&Bass has welded them together since the end of the 90s. Sequencers and DnB-producing lead to their first audible successes and were already tested in DJ-sets. Very good feedback has motivated NIZE5IVE & PITCH ‘n’ SULPHUR to get their music going.

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