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Riktam & Bansi

Riktam & Bansi have come to be known under a variety of monikers over the last decade, having achieved their greatest success so far under their Growling Mad Scientists project, with a total of eight artist albums, tracks appearing on over 150 releases and more than 200,000 album sales, their studio wizardry is unquestionable. Normally known for a more driving sound, the "Riktam & Bansi" project sees them embark in a different direction, towards a style which encompasses a slower more groove-oriented techno backbone.

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(This page has music from two different artists. The following bio is for Redux (formerly Ripplegroove), the jazz/rock/funk band from New York)... Redux is so prone to change, even their name isn't sacred. Since 2001 the band has gone through four personnel line-ups, three hometowns, and four names. Recently, Redux found themselves in their most extreme state of renewal yet. One year after the release of their debut record Under The Microscope (2006) reached #14 on the CMJ Jazz Charts and #9 on Jambands.

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Mancub is Ben and Joe (Bird Noises) doing acoustic folk punk. Recorded and released in 2007 on Valiant Death Records. Unfortunately on May 31st, 2007 Ben, Cayce, and Joe had their lives taken in a car accident while on tour.
The other Mancub is a two piece outfit from Denver Colorado who can be best described as infectiously catchy eclectro-noise pop. In November 2010, Alex Anderson & Danny Stills started experimenting using mostly 80's analog synths, drum machines and anything else they could get there noise making hands on.

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Based in Frome,Somerset,Dave Hendry is the man behind ambient psychedelic outfit ohead.Dave has had a long and colourfull history in the electronic and dance music scene including ten years as Transequence,one of the pioneering Psy-Trance acts from the early nineties.Never one to stand still,dave has delved into all sorts of musical genres from Reggae (remixing the Dub funk Association's "raise the dub" which featured several times on Brinsley Forde's BBC radio 6 music show) through to drum 'n' bass,hardhouse and even a stint as a drummer a heavy metal band.

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Chromatone is Lawrence Hoffman, a San Francisco native who has been producing electronic music for over a decade. Working as a professional audio consultant, producer, engineer, he is also doing mastering for many labels: Vaporvent, Peak Rec,, Mind Funk, Noise Poison, Drop Out, plus a growing list of clients. After training in visual arts with the legendary Doctor Spook they produced the Video: “Chromatone - Mightochondria” released on the successful Geomagnetic “Magnus” and "Virtual Vortex" DVDs. As VJ Dr. Hoffman he has done projected visuals at several events.

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