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There are 4 artists/bands named Quantum. 1. A trance DJ residing in Israel.
2. A now defunct progressive rock band formed in the 80's.
3. A hip-hop artist.
4. A Indonesian indie alternative pop/rock band. 1. Quantum is a trance DJ.
Gidi Snapir - Quantum - was always obsessed with collecting music and finding new sounds. Coming from a family of musicians, he studied piano as a kid but his first encounter with electronic music came in the late 1980's when he first heard new wave dark industrial music.


Felix Greenlees aka Terrafractyl has been playing and writing music for as long as he can remember. Brought up on a diet of Classical, Opera and Jazz he eventually went on to play Bassoon in several professional orchestras around Australia.
He has also played piano for most of his life, and was over the moon when he discovered a genre of music into which he could incorporate all the different types of music he had grown to love.
It was called Goa-trance.
Since then Felix never looked back, and he is now one of the most prominent and sought after psytrance performers in Australia.

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Mancub is Ben and Joe (Bird Noises) doing acoustic folk punk. Recorded and released in 2007 on Valiant Death Records. Unfortunately on May 31st, 2007 Ben, Cayce, and Joe had their lives taken in a car accident while on tour.
The other Mancub is a two piece outfit from Denver Colorado who can be best described as infectiously catchy eclectro-noise pop. In November 2010, Alex Anderson & Danny Stills started experimenting using mostly 80's analog synths, drum machines and anything else they could get there noise making hands on.

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Dual Core

There are at least 2 bands with the name Dual Core 1) A nerdcore band with members from England and US 2) A Psy Trance project from Israel 1) int eighty and c64 are... Dual Core. Actually they are just two guys. int eighty is a programmer in Cincinnati, Ohio; and c64 is a graphic designer in Greater Manchester, England. They originally met several years ago on an underground hip hop website. "His beats made me want to rap, and he quickly became one of my favorite producers," recalls eighty in regards to c64's production.

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Joti Sidhu

Joti Sidhu is one of the pioneers of psychedelic trance.
He started making music in 1992 and his first tracks have been released as ayahuasca, together with dino psaras and steve ronan. after leaving ayahuasca, joti started his solo act psychaos, whose first legendary release psychaos "psychaos" was on the new concept in dance "tribal science" in 1995. this was when things really started to pick up in the scene.

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