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Riktam & Bansi

Riktam & Bansi have come to be known under a variety of monikers over the last decade, having achieved their greatest success so far under their Growling Mad Scientists project, with a total of eight artist albums, tracks appearing on over 150 releases and more than 200,000 album sales, their studio wizardry is unquestionable. Normally known for a more driving sound, the "Riktam & Bansi" project sees them embark in a different direction, towards a style which encompasses a slower more groove-oriented techno backbone.

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Aphid Moon

Aphid Moon is Jules Hamer, a psychedelic trance artist. With couple of Aphid Moon releases before the millenium he has continued with a successive string of releases on virtually all the British psy-trance labels as well a few notable foreign labels. His first solo album"High Diver" was released on Dragonfly Records in 2003 a deep night time sound with a distinctly british trance sound. With the help of the insane software revolution Jules has steadily been developing his own unique style; playing DJ & live sets in Japan, Israel, S.A., Brazil, Europe and the U.K over and underground.

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Felix Greenlees aka Terrafractyl has been playing and writing music for as long as he can remember. Brought up on a diet of Classical, Opera and Jazz he eventually went on to play Bassoon in several professional orchestras around Australia.
He has also played piano for most of his life, and was over the moon when he discovered a genre of music into which he could incorporate all the different types of music he had grown to love.
It was called Goa-trance.
Since then Felix never looked back, and he is now one of the most prominent and sought after psytrance performers in Australia.

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Angry man

Based in Cambridgeshire, England, Angry Man is an enthusiastic trio of musicians who write and perform original songs in their own raw and gutsy style, combining acoustic guitars with percussion to great effect. Angry Man's acoustic based roots/rock sound has been influenced by such acts as Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, Paul Weller and The Who. They collectively draw on years of experience gained from involvement in musical projects that include folk, jazz, reggae, classical and rock.

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Chromatone is Lawrence Hoffman, a San Francisco native who has been producing electronic music for over a decade. Working as a professional audio consultant, producer, engineer, he is also doing mastering for many labels: Vaporvent, Peak Rec,, Mind Funk, Noise Poison, Drop Out, plus a growing list of clients. After training in visual arts with the legendary Doctor Spook they produced the Video: “Chromatone - Mightochondria” released on the successful Geomagnetic “Magnus” and "Virtual Vortex" DVDs. As VJ Dr. Hoffman he has done projected visuals at several events.

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Phony Orphants

Phony Orphants are Jeppe Ornkilde (DJ Jeppe) and Mikael Dahlgaard (DJ Emok), a progressive psytrance-group from Denmark. They created Iboga studio in Copenaghen, releasing their firsts works on Transient, Plastik Park, Plusquam and so on. Collaborating with some of the most interesting Scandinavian artists, such as Beat Bizarre, Refer Decree and much more, they finally created Iboga Records, which they also manage.

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Based in Frome,Somerset,Dave Hendry is the man behind ambient psychedelic outfit ohead.Dave has had a long and colourfull history in the electronic and dance music scene including ten years as Transequence,one of the pioneering Psy-Trance acts from the early nineties.Never one to stand still,dave has delved into all sorts of musical genres from Reggae (remixing the Dub funk Association's "raise the dub" which featured several times on Brinsley Forde's BBC radio 6 music show) through to drum 'n' bass,hardhouse and even a stint as a drummer a heavy metal band.

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Ben Fraser

After 12 years playing the drums, culminating in an album deal with Swiss punk band Tastes Like Chicken (now BMC), Sheffield-based Ben Fraser now focuses his efforts on creating high-quality late-night entertainment... This takes the form of swarming, precision-made pleasure machines: the unique driving acid-tinged filth that is the Ben Fraser sound. Since his first release on Planet Zogg Records in 2005, Ben has gone on to set-up Sabretooth Records: an outlet for his unique blend of all things deep, dark and driving.

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