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Concord Dawn

Concord Dawn, Matt Harvey & Evan Short, are a popular duo originally from , New Zealand. They own and run Uprising Records with such popular drum and bass songs as "Don't Tell Me" in collaboration with Tiki Taane and "Get Ready" featuring rapper Scribe. They have gained popularity in their home country being the second highest selling artist ever and have been popular with 's Drum and Bass followers. Concord Dawn are with the Kog label.

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Digital releases: 03.10.10 (1) kr4y - snap out of it (2) kr4y - chaindrive (TEMPERD025)
02.09.10: (1) kr4y - red alert (2) kr4y - TR-3B (3) kr4y - datamining (SECTION8014D)
21.06.10: Fade & kr4y - Minigolf (1 of 3 tracks on the Minigolf EP TPD019)
07.05.10: Implant & kr4y - Stealth (collab on Implant - The Blue Scout LP WAY027)
01.11.09: (1) kr4y - Snare (2) kr4y - Vunzig (Insekto Digital 002)
27.05.09: kr4y - Fringe (T3K006)
01.08.08: kr4y - Brainrot (1 of 10 tracks on WAY004)
20.07.08: kr4y - Depurify (T-FILE007)

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Born in a Wimbledon Hospital in 1984 weighing a healthy 7 1⁄2 pounds, Alex Child aka Trip grew up in Hammersmith, West London. After the blur of college and a set of A levels that spelt DUDE, Trip found himself making and performing music across the capital at mates studios, on pirate radio stations and at open mic nights as a live vocalist and MC. After winning numerous Jump-off 'one bout MC battles' and hosting the DMC world championships, a chance meeting with the scratch perverts led to another chance meeting with Killa Kela.

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Benny Blanco

Benjamin Levin (born March 8, 1988), better known as Benny Blanco, is an American songwriter and producer from Reston, Virginia. Blanco has written and produced for artists such as Katy Perry, Kesha, Priscilla Renea, and Britney Spears with Dr. Luke. He has also remixed for Kylie Minogue and Justice. Blanco first gained attention in 2007 after working closely with Spank Rock.

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There are six artists called Monty: 1. An American rock band now known as Monty Are I
2. Monty from the UK.
3. Monty from Sweden, whose real name is David Pagmar. Also known as Montt Mardié.
4. Monty, a producer from St. Louis, MO. Monty is also the artist formerly known as Quelnt.
5. Monty (the SpacePoet) - http://www.last.fm/user/MONTY-SpacePoet
6. Monty, the French yé-yé singer, most active in the sixties.

Read more about Monty on Last.fm.

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Photek stands mercilessly on the edge. A sonic scientist, pushing both his sounds and fans' expectations to the outermost limits since 1994, he floods the footnotes of electronica like MP3s clutter up your hard drive. He was there when Goldie declared it drum & bass but to this day he still prefers the term jungle. Conversations with James Lavelle raise the question – what would've become if his remixes of Attica Blues had led to a more affirmed relationship with the agenda setting Mo Wax? His major...

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Dose is a DJ and producer from Christchurch, New Zealand. He has been involved in the Christchurch Drum and bass scene for over 6 years now, playing along side countless internationals and shaping his own production sound along the way. Dose is quickly becoming noticed as one of New Zealand’s top up & coming producers with his tunes receiving DJ support from the likes of Andy c , Pendulum, Ed Rush & Optical, Black Sun empire, Klute, The Upbeats, Bulletproof, State of Mind, Concord Dawn, Psidream, Universal Project, Subtone, Nphect, Mindscape, Vicious Circle... to name a few...

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Ed Rush & Optical

Both Ed Rush and Optical are the co-heads of a drum and bass record label called Virus Recordings, based in London, UK. Both have earned acclaim separately, with Optical engineering tracks on Goldie and Grooverider's albums and releasing some excellent solo tunes on the likes of Prototype, 31, and Metro. Ed Rush also has countless releases, notably on No U-Turn, where he and Nico first emphasized the dark era of drum and bass with the masterpiece album Torque, and Metalheadz, where he produced such classics as "The Raven" and "Locust".

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1. Tez is a rapper from Detroit, MI affiliated with Dirty Glove Entertainment. He is the cousin of Street Lord Juan and member of Best Friends Inc. 2. tez is a beat-boxer and hip-hop artist from france. Lately (July 2007) he has been touring in support of CocoRosie, for which he provides the majority of the beats and bass during their live show. myspace - http://www.myspace.com/tezshimer

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It’s been nearly four years since Gridlok’s debut album “Break the System” solidified his dynamic sound into the vanguards of Drum and Bass. Considered one of the best producers in the genre, Gridlok’s music disturbs and excites dance floors across the globe. Since his start in 1999, he has released tracks with some of the most respected labels in Drum and Bass, including RAM, Shogun Audio, C.I.A., Violence Recordings, and Renegade Hardware.

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