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Delay is a moniker for multiple bands: 1) An American powerpop band
2) An American shoegaze band
3) A Swiss synthpop group 1) Delay (Ohio) are a power pop punk trio from the surrounding Columbus, Ohio area. They've been putting out all of their own records since they were thirteen and still print and press most of their records. Lots of tight harmonies and high energy are to be expected. They have 6 records, the latest record Rushing Ceremony was released on Shout Out Loud Prints.

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Time Zone

Time Zone was a hip-hop band headed by Afrika Bambaataa. Bambaataa worked with different musicians for each Time Zone project. The first Time Zone single was the 1983 electro song "The Wildstyle" which featured music from a German project called Wunderwerke. Bambaataa was introduced to their music by Rusty Egan of Visage. The song became very popular among break-dancers at the time. In 1984, Time Zone released their most well-known single, "World Destruction".

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General Midi

Paul Crossman a.k.a General Midi has always managed to master a more level crunching, dub flavoured and bass fuelled musical ride than his peers and it is this that has earned him his fast growing reputation as the source of a great night out when he's at the controls and as 'the producer's producer'. Emerging from the backrooms of the Bristol Club scene his slick DJ ability and an ear for a great tune have given him regular appearances at breaks hotspots across the planet such as Fabric, Chew The Fat...

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Ou Est Le Swimming Pool

Try to imagine yourself riding through the beautiful, everlasting fields of Elysium... Then imagine that glorious feeling and state of mind converted into music, there you have Ou Est Le Swimming Pool! Taking music to the boundaries of insanity and reason, and back again! Hanging off the edge of the world giving those "Nay" sayers the finger! There was a time when man invented music, now this brand of new musical genius has been invented by gods..... Dare you join La Revolution Swimming Pool!??

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