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Outlines are long-time friends Jerome, Irfane and Jay1. Although the paths of life led the three members to interact - Jerome and Irfane went to school together - it is hip-hop culture that is responsible for their union. Indeed, while, in the early nineties, Jerome was breakdancing, both Irfane and Jay1 were writing graffiti. Jay1 has since then established himself as one of the finest French writers, collaborating with fashion designers (agnes b.

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There is more than one artist with this name. 1) " Weave is the project of me, Barry Leake, using a combination of computer and various instruments. I've got an album and a 3" ep out on cactus island records, and a track on their 'brittle behaviour' compilation lp. I also have a track on symbolic interactions 'the silence was warm' compilation lp.
Previous collaborations include working with Tui ( orla wren, flung, skin of the tree ) and Phillip White ( helictite and occasional performer with faust ). I am currently collaborating with Gina Berrett ( 11x ) and Leigh Toro ( flotel )

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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Platinum were a Birmingham based band that formed in 2000 with founding members Paul Tandy on lead guitar, Ben Gaughran on keyboard, Luke Houghton on rhythm guitar and Daniel Sankarsingh on Drums. After auditioning vocalists they decided Paul and Ben should share the role of lead vocals and soon after they recruited Daniel's sister and Ben's cousin, Ellena Sankarsingh to take the role of vocalist and percussionist. After auditioning bassists, Daniel got his best friend, Ben Cross to learn bass so he could then play in the band.

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Cosmic Kids

Cosmic Kids Ron Poznansky and Dan Terndrup didn’t meet in outer space as their DJ moniker may indicate, but the story is still equally as good. The two met in a high school classroom meant for kids who had trouble paying attention. They bonded over their love of classic rock. Right out of high school they both volunteered to work at the Los Angeles radio station KCRW. Known for its eclectic programming, the friends were exposed to all different kinds of music, and began collecting and consuming records, feeding their ever-expanding appetite for music.

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Andrew Pekler

Andrew Pekler was born in Samarkand, Uzbekistan (then U.S.S.R.). His family immigrated to the U.S., eventually settling in Monterey, California. In the mid 90s he moved to Heidelberg, Germany to attend university. Since 2000 he has been living and working in Berlin.

Under his own name he has produced two records for the ̃scape label, Station to Station (2002) and Nocturnes, False Dawns and Breakdowns (2004) as well as releasing Strings + Feedback (2005) on Staubgold. His latest album Cue, was released in June 2007 on Kranky (Chicago, USA).

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