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Murat Kilic

Raised in the suburbs of Sydney by strict Turkish parents on a diet of classical Turkish music played back on a Grundig reel to reel player not much smaller than a fridge. Listening to "foreign" music, least of all bangin' electronica was far from acceptable and certainly not tolerated in the Kilic household. Despite these hurdles, as avid young music lovers, Murat and his sister were able to maintain a healthy stash of records, mixtapes and music videos under the cupboard in their bedroom for many years.

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Nico Purman

Started he's formal music training as a drummer playing in local indie bands, Buying recods since early age, in 1989 he was introduced by a friend to the New Beat sound of Belguim (16 bit, Code 61/ Visage,etc) then chicago acid house, 303 tb sound, oldshool drummachines, Started playing records in really underground events because by that time underground electronic music was not a good bussiness for the structured local club owners. He started promoting his own parties w/ the help of his brother Andy and together they started to build the bollocks of what Rosario is today.

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David Boswell ('Bozzwell') was the live vocalist for All Seeing I, The who scored a worldwide hit with The Beat Goes On in 1998. Together with Nick "Nico" Eastwood he formed Hiem. Mathew Jonson's remix of their She's The One on Crosstown Rebels achieved wide recognition.
Bozzwell also DJs, collaborates with other artists such as Roots Manuva and produces electronic music alone.

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G Man

G Man is a grime MC within the grime collective Slew Dem Crew.
He has featured alongside many top artists in the scene such as Jammer and The Newham Generals, as well as contributing to lots of classic Slew Dem material such as the Way Down The Road remix from Chronik's mixcd Blaze More Dan U and many tracks from the mixcd/DVD package Non-Stop Working.
He is liked amongst many grime fans for his greezy, aggressive content delivered by his trademark calm flow.

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The Boats

There are two successful bands called 'The Boats'. One is the UK-based band and the other is Australian Instrumental/Post-Rock outfit 'The Boats'. The Boats (UK)
'Songs by the Sea' (released 27/09/2004) is the first release from the Boats, a collection of songs that the band claim where written by a band called The Sea but songs that they recorded for them after 'finding' the songs in a box on a beach. 'We Made It for You' (released 19/09/05) is the second installment from the boats, a collection of 14 piano tracks all derived from one original song.

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Chris Newman

There are at least two artists by the name of Chris Newman: 1.) experimental interdisciplinary artist Chris Newman of London (now Berlin) born 1958
2.) rock n' roll artist Chris Newman of Portland, Oregon (born 1953) known for bands such as Napalm Beach, Snow Bud and the Flower People, Lost Acolytes. 1.) Chris Newman (born 1958 in London, lives in Berlin) is a contemporary composer, painter, author and performance artist.

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