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Adultnapper is a shadowy figure drawn from the dark reaches of Francis Harris’ imagination. Harris, a philosphy phD drop-out with punk rocker roots, hails from suburban Las Vegas but has called Brooklyn home for the past 9 years — a stretch in which he has gone from “hating dance music”, to establishing himself as an underground DJ/Producer with a unique sound and a global audience. In 2004, having achieved success as a DJ, Label Owner and Event Producer, Harris turned to the studio, intent on exploring new sonic territory, and adopting the Adultnapper moniker to represent his efforts.

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There are at least four artists known as Grouch:
a) Bay Area Hip Hop legend The Grouch (often known as; and tagged as, Grouch.
b) NZ Electronic Producer, Grouch., Zenon Records Cosmic Conspiracy Records A-List Records).
c) DJ Grouch, from Toronto's world champion Turnstyles crew.
d) Late 90's Britrock band a)The Grouch always wanted to make beats since he first heard about this music called hip-hop.

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Real Name: Jeremy Jacobs
JPLS's brand of stripped down, understated minimal techno made its appearance on M_nus on the 2006 ‘min2MAX’ compilation. He followed it up with the 12” ‘Program’, which had the distinction of being perhaps the most minimal thing ever released on the label. Now his debut longplayer is set to arrive, promising ten tracks of sparse minimalism in a similar vein. The album arrives with a couple of JPLS remixes by fellow Indiana native Skoozbot, whose tracks have been in the boxes of Hawtin, Magda and Matthew Dear for a while now but have yet to see a release.

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Paul Thomas

Paul Anthony Thomas (born October 5, 1980) is Good Charlotte's bassist. He started out on the guitar, but then a friend influenced him to play the bass. Paul attended La Plata High School in La Plata, Maryland with Benji and Joel Madden, but was expelled after threatening to punch the principal in the face. Paul has known Benji and Joel since they were young children, and fellow GC member Billy Martin since he joined the band in 1998.

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Marco Resmann

In the early 90ties Marco discovered his affinity to electronic music. First tapes and the radio, later nightlife infected him. He soon invested his pocket money in two turntables and a mixer and acquired the first skills as a DJ. The first experience with a synthesiser and a drum computer were made at the basement studio of a school friend where the two tinkered on the first beats.
In 1995 Marco got the chance to perform in public with his own records at the Youth Club All1 in Berlin.

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Brujo's Bowl

The project, 'Brujo's Bowl'. Is the alias of Saxon Higgs. A young talented musician and producer from mid Wales (UK). Saxon started out by playing about with various instruments when he was a teenager, playing in bands and organising jam sessions in the depths of the wild welsh countryside.
On the verge of leaving secondary school, Saxon and a few of his friends became heavily interested in electronic music. This was when dubstep had just hit the dancefloors, and still had it's unique non-commercial sound. Producers such as 2562 had a large impact on Saxon's ears.

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There are at least three bands/artists with the name Shed.
(1) A German techno musician,
(2) a lo-fi punk band from Redmond, Washington and
(3) a straight edge death metal band from Lappeenranta. (1) Shed (Rene Pawlowitz), Germany:
You simply cannot pinpoint the moment in history when Techno established itself as a new genre in dance music. Not anymore, anyway. Go ahead and try telling the story “the migration of the bassdrum”.

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