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Julia Holter

Julia Shammas Holter is a classically-trained keytarist from Echo Park. After infiltrating Human Ear Music headquarters dressed as an intern, she wrote and recorded her own release on the label. Her music is witty, surreal and optimistic. She plays without sarcasm in the terrains that divide sentimentality, passion, and control. Her songs are written instinctively, and treated with an off-kilter fastidiousness, working orchestral variety from minimal instrumentation.

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Louis La Roche

Louis La Roche is a French House producer from Norwich, UK. His style is French house/house. Around Valentines Day, a song named "Love" was published many places, saying that Thomas Bangalter made the song. However, Louis La Roche is the real artist behind this song. The album he was working on "I Delete Myself" was apparently scrapped, said by Louis, as he was not happy with the album. He just released an EP titled; "Me & Her" which is a 4 track EP that includes the hit song "Be Brave". It was released under the new label "Ever After Records", Louis is their first signed artist.

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Mobius Band

Mobius Band is an electronic rock trio, currently based in Brooklyn, NY and signed to Ghostly International. The band began when members Noam Schatz, Ben Sterling and Peter Sax met as students at Wesleyan University. After graduation, they moved to Shutesbury, Massachusetts to hone their sound. Following the self-released and mostly instrumental EPs One, Two, and Three, Mobius Band were signed to Ann Arbor, Michigan’s Ghostly International in 2004, becoming the electronic label’s first rock-based act.

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JetKing are a Bristol-based band who play a blend of guitar-based indie mixed with
electronica. The band has a big and very diverse melting pot of influences and this goes some
way to explain why they are so different. Grooving bass, quirky guitars, analogue
electronica, BIG drums and strong vocals complete the sound. Originally a studio project only, the band launched itself into the live circuit in summer

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Tropic of Cancer

Camella Lobo & Juan Mendez, a.k.a. Silent Servant.
Drenched in romanticism and soaked in themes of solitude, mortality and love,
Tropic of Cancer's music forms a strangely hypnotic connection with its listener.
Camella Lobo's majestic vocals, warmly cradled by waves of ascending synths,
plangent guitar, and foreboding beats, summon the listener into a world of dark
decadence and delicate beauty.

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Charanjit Singh

In 1982 the Bollywood session musician CHARANJIT SINGH imported with much pain some of the latest synthesizer equipment into India. A good investment as Bollywood composers liked to feature the latest sound in their songs, and with these keyboards Singh spiced up numerous Bollywood recordings. But apart from that, in the late nightly hours after the studio recording were over, Singh set out on his own, wholly original project.

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