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There are currently five artists going by the name Taylor. 1.) 'taylor' are a folk collective of some of the tastiest grapes from Australia's Gold Coast. Acoustic rock tales with folk edges on a bed of guitars and mandolin. Formed in 2008 by songwriter David Taylor and guitarist Nick Stewart (George, Pinky Beecroft and The White Russians), taylor has a unique sound that is influenced by such artists as Nick Drake, Angus and Julia Stone, and Neil Young. 2009 finds the band as a six piece with an original sound that is sophisticated in its harmony and theatrical in performance.

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Moving Ninja

The Moving Ninja sound encompasses tight beats which come packed with heavy bass and sinister atmospherics. The style has often been described as 'Sci-fi Dub' - even - 'Robo Grime' - deep, dark, rolling tibal bizniz that mones your mind and feet. Moving Ninja spawned from the Garage Pressure Crew - pioneers of underground beats in Australia. Check also:

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kallous boys

Formed by Moonboy and vvh back in 1980 in Barking, Essex as an experimental electronic duo using tapes and synths to make a sound that could be loosely described as 'industrial/ambient/psychedelic/electronic' music.
Released two cassette albums "Internal Damage" and "kick it" on the Black Dwarf label as the Kallous Boys. Also appeared on a number of compilation albums EP's and cassettes around the same time under various aliases.EG: KALLOUS KINEMA

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Cuushe, who is greatly inspired by music like Board of Canada, L’altra, started out her musical career as a member in a collage pop band, and eventually ventured into solo-project works in 2003. Using her mesmerizing airy vocals as the main instrument, Cuushe composes pop-infused electronic music that is lovable and yet uniquely different from any other song-based pop sounds out there. Together with the delicate lyrics penned by her, the multi-talented cuushe beautifully projects a subtle musical world that is carefully wrapped with sensitive emotion and fragile memories.

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1) Massive is the new full on trance psychedelic solo project of Davina Elmosnino (also the woman behind the projects Sirius Isnes and Davina). Davina, 29 years old, was born in France but grew up in New Caledonia, a French island between Australia and New Zealand. She started to make music in the year 2000, and released her first track as Sirius Isness in 2003. Since then she made 3 Sirius Isness albums with Max Peterson, released on important labels such as Mind Control Records, Phantasm Records and Moon Spirits, and an impressive number of tracks for compilations all over the world.

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