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United Blood

1) United Blood is a H8000 hardcore band from Kortrijk, Belgium
2) United Blood is a beatdown hardcore band from Salzburg, Austria 3) United Blood was a rac band.
They chanced style to hatecore and band

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There is more than one artist named Collapsed: 1. A melodic hardcore band from Melbourne, Australia.
2. Collapsed is trash metal band from Texas openly influenced by such bands as Trap Them, Thumbscrew, Modern Life Is War, Orchid, and American Nightmare
3. Collapsed is a five-piece metalcore band and is trashing turmoil in the Tielt Area (Belgium). Since the start in February 2005 Collapsed played mini festivals and small clubshows, in their first year Collapsed shared stages with bands such as Arkangel, Morda, Severance, Liar, Flatcat, Chimeara and The Setup.

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For Contingent from Brussels, featuring Bob Seytor, Eric Lemaitre, John Baine and Daniel Wang, please go to the site for Contingent (Belgium)
This Contingent is a Hardcore Punk band from Seattle started around 1996 and still play to this day.

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Dupstep DJ on Sub FM bio: Bun-Zer0 has been DJing both in his native Belgium for over 15 years, and most recently internationally including recent performances at the legendary night FWD>> in London, as well as a three hour set in the USA.
His interest in dubstep began after hearing early music from Horsepower Productions.
In 2006, to spread his enthusiasm for this emerging sound, Bun began promoting nights at the Beursschouwburg, with a wide array of UK pioneers, including Skream, Youngsta, Loefah and Mark One.

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Belgian singer song-writer who brings out a style on his own ,with his unique melancholic voice ,some of his songs keep bouncing around in your head,he is quiet successful in Belgium and the Netherlands ,and with the help of airplay on the more youthful listeners intended radio stations he has build up a really big fanbase.

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Facedown was a hardcore band from Belgium in the '90's, part of the edgemetal movement. They went on to form .Calibre.
2 MCD's out: 'Friendship is still everything' and 'Education.Contemplation.Dedication', 1 split with Earthmover, and 1 full length: Beyond All Horizons. "A true warrior is a thinker, seeking the key to liberation" They became later .Calibre Also a Hardcore band from Windsor, Ontario, CA. Also a Hardcore band from Portugal.

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Militia is the name of at least 7 artists.
1) Militia is a Belgian industrial percussion band. It was founded in 1989 by the multi-instrumentalist Frank Gorissen and wind instrument player Jo Billen and now 6 musicians are involved. The band is known for its use of self made percussion and wind instruments and the scrap material they transform into musical instruments. The band's music is often inspired by the anarchic and atheist social views and their concirn about our natural environment, themes that can be found in most of their lyrics and statements.

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Amatorski is a young Belgian band formed in 2008 and based in Ghent, with a melancholic and narrative style, and some reminiscences of Portishead, Sigur Rós, or Radiohead. Though their name means 'amateurs', they reached the finals of the Belgian rock contest Rockrally in 2010. The intimate song Come Home hit #1 in 'De Afrekening', the alternative hit chart on radio station Studio Brussel. In 2010 they released the Same Stars We Shared (Amatorski debut) EP. Their debut longplayer TBC was released in May 2011.

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