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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Pacific is drum'n'bass duo Matt Cox and Mark Soo from Vancouver, Canada. Matt also DJs a variety of genres under the name. 2) Pacific was an electronic indiepop band from the UK that released records and EPs on Creation Records as well as a split flexi with My Bloody Valentine on Catalogue.
1. Barnoon Hill (1988 UK Creation Records)
2. Sea Of Sand EP (1988 UK Creation Records)
3. Shrift (1989 UK Creation Records)

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1. Sweden's IDENTITY existed during that perceived hardcore void from late '80s to early '90s, a time that the closed minded claim produced no bands worth listening to. The closed minded are wrong, and IDENTITY is a prime example - this is the standard to which modern "melodic hardcore" should be held. Brilliant tuneful guitar leads throughout and hooks that border on melancholy, while the music blasts onward with few breaks in tempo ("Can I Really Trust Your Words?" is about as mid tempo as they get, and the kids could still pit to that one pretty easily).

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There are multiple artists which use the name Voyager: 1. A progressive metal band from Australia
2. An ambient sludge metal band from the United States
3. A pop group from the United Kingdom
4. A drum and bass project
5. A rock band from the United States
6. An electronic project of Justin Scott Dixon
7. An electronic project of Tom Moore 1. VOYAGER is an Australian melodic progressive metal band.

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There's more than one band called Jericho:
1. Israeli hard/progressive/psychedelic rock band
2. solo project of Mark Salling
3. Canadian band
4. British future garage duo
5. American punk rock band
6. rock band from Kosovo
7. A hip-hop artist/rapper from New Jersey. 1) Jericho is an israeli hard/progressive/psychedelic rock ensemble that recorded only one, self-titled, album in 1972. Band started in 1965, in Israel, as The Churchills, later they moved to England, changed their's name to Jericho Jones, next to Jericho and signed up canadian guitarist Robb Huxley.

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Temper D

Gradually gaining respect as one of very few drum and bass DJs mixing on 3 and 4 decks, the past few years has seen a meteroic rise for Temper D aka Dave Bowles. Now firmly settled in the Offkey Recordings camp, Dave was brought in by like minded artist and long time hero Raiden, and is now lucky enough to be representing the label and sound behind the decks at raves all over the world on a regular basis.

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There is more than one artist with this name: 1. Dubstep and Drum and Bass Band From United Kingdom
2. Rap artist from New York, USA.
3. Alternative Rock band From Ireland.
1. Nero are a Dubstep and drum and bass and dubstep band from the United Kingdom. Also known as NERO UK, they first joined formation Records in the summer of 2004. Over the last couple of years Dan and Joe's tracks have been causing quite a stir in the drum and bass scene...

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There are more artists called Fracture 1) A punk band in which Adam Goren (Atom and His Package) played
2) an electronic artist from Luxembourg
3) A drum + bass/dubstep artist, one half of Fracture & Neptune.
4) A post-punk/gothic rock band, active in early 80's.
5) a metal band from Norway
6) a hip hop duo (Sepalot & Frank Nitty)
7) a metal band from Mainz, Germany (1982 - 2007) About 1)
Fracture was a Philadelphia-based punk band active in the mid-90's About 5)
Fracture plays Metal with melodic composed vocals and lead melodies, on a bed of rough and hard edged accompaniment.

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