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Spanish electronic punk rock band formed in Mallorca, Balearic Islands in the year 1998. Since then, the expectation created by NeoTokyo, so much with its actions live as with its two first works, has given a lot to speak and are one of the most important references of the present underground music in Spain. Its industrial roots, melted with Japanese esthetics, ultramodern and at the same time traditional, its nature of multidisciplinary group, their love for Devo and Kraftwerk, drum n bass, dub.

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This name covers at least 4 artists.
1) One of the DV8s is Roger Sanchez's who put out deep house productions under this guise.
2) Another is a rock band formed in 1980 in Newcastle, Australia. They were one of Newcastle's biggest bands until 1988, then took a decade off before returning in 2000 to re-record their greatest hits. Their official website is at http://dv8ozrock.com. Albums include Darby Street Blues and Stab in the Dark.
3) A dutch MC, who sings the lyrics for different hardstyle-DJ's. Best known for his version of 'Nothing else matters' in coöperation with DJ Zany.

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More Rockers

More Rockers are loosely based Rob Smith, who is one half of Bristol's seminal outfit Smith & MIghty and Peter D. Rose who was at the time providing Massive Attack MK1 with basslines. 'Cure' is their version of Diana Ross' 'Love Hangover' and features the vocal talents of LD (Louise De Cordova). It utilizes the evergreen talents of the vocalist over a booming bassline and an old hardcore style break." 1999 release, last copies, reduced price.

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EDX is a worldwide acclaimed remixer, well known for his brilliant work for the likes of Dubfire, deadmau5, Armand van Helden, Steve Angello, Sucker DJs, Michael Procter, Kool & The Gang, Lauryn Hill and Armin Van Buuren, to name but a few.
Enormous Diverse Xample (of a genius) might not be an accurate, but for sure a possible interpretation of the three letters EDX. Productive and successful for more then a decade, Italian native artist, producer, DJ and multi-talent EDX, has been and still is a well-known name in the dance scene in and outside of his home base Switzerland.

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Mirrored Theory

Mirrored Theory is the brainchild of Northampton-born Jake Key. Started in 2007, Mirrored Theory's style has developed from ambient roots to a more upbeat electronic style, whilst still maintaining the ambient feel of his earlier tracks. All tracks by Mirrored Theory are written, programmed, produced and performed by Jake. Jake, 21, released his new album, Incandescent, for free download in the New Year of 2010.

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