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The Hillfields

The Hillfields were born in the Royal Festival Hall,London,UK overcome by the raw power of Iggy Pop's 2007 summer Meltdown gig, a beautiful evening, and a smattering of beers. As of Halloween 2007, the Hillfields were three, made up of Rob Boyd, singing and guitaring, Grant Wilkinson on bass and Carlos Russell on drums The Hillfields are playing a mix of mellowed out lo-fi with bursts of noisy guitar pop, that's been described as like 'Pavement scoring a Hal Hartley film' or 'Mojave meets Frusciante'.

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Collapsed Lung

History After their debut performance they were invited to play an all-day festival in Harlow at which guitarist Steve Harcourt (formerly a member of metal bands 'Gethsemane', which was largely a farce, failing to gig and 'Bomberz') first met Nihal Arhanayake. Nihal was a rapper of Sri Lankan descent who was studying law in Twickenham, Surrey at the time. He was consequently invited to record some of his material over the trio's existing tracks.

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There are three artists with this name: 1) Former singer for the band Hugo Largo. Her full name is Mimi Goese. She has released one solo album "Soak." She has also worked with Moby. 2) London-based artista and musician. Plays unusual places at short notice. (house gigs, art fairs, on a raft....) Often improvises with non-drummers drumming, often seen drumming herself. People she has played with include Les Enfants Bastard, Ignatz Höch, H, Jeion Nejad, Morvern Callar, AdHoc.

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Cats and Criminals

rob, dyl, robin, ross, james and john formed cats and criminals in london in 2007.
our early demos have received raves from the blogs, bbc radio and the metro. having perfected our show we are now writing and recording as much as possible in our bedrooms. new recordings will be ready soon

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Lunar Rising

Lunar Rising was created in the autumn of 2007 when guitarist Jay Harris got in touch with singer Dominique Allan to write atmospheric and haunting songs that captured the more comtemplative side of life. Since then the band has grown in both numbers and sound, expanding on their acoustic origins to incorporate drums, bass, piano, violin and backing vocals. Throughout the years Lunar Rising have continued to combine the finer elements of folk and rock to produce a unique musical style.

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