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1) Blackjack an American rapper. 2) Blackjack was a band featuring Michael Bolton and Bruce Kulick. The drummer was Sandy Gennaro and the bass player was Jimmy Haslip. 3) Blackjack is a Grime Producer In Nasty Crew From East London, UK 4) Blackjack is a Thrash-/Groove-Metal band from Germany. 5) Blackjack was a 1990s hard rock band from Hamilton, New Zealand. Info. 6) BlackJack was an alternative rock band from Croatia. 7) BlackJack is a Swedish .

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Point of View

There are at least 5 bands with the name Point of View: 1. Point of View(POV) is a German synthpop band formed in the mid 90's. 2. Point of View is also a progressive rock/metal band residing in Poland with three releases to their credit. 3. Point of View also is a Belgian positive hardcore band who brings you Oldschool Beatdown ! 4. Point of View is the greatest pop punk band alive and are from northeast pa. you like blink like them.

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Peter Lewis

Peter Lewis (born July 15, 1945) is one of the founding members of the band Moby Grape. Three of his better known songs with Moby Grape are "Fall On You" and "Sitting by the Window" from the self-titled first Moby Grape album and "If You Can't Learn From My Mistakes", from Moby Grape '69. Peter Lewis is one of two sons of actress Loretta Young (d. 2000) and writer-producer Tom Lewis (d. 1988), and accordingly spent much of his childhood in Hollywood. His older brother, Christopher Lewis (b. 1944), is a writer and producer of films primarily for television. Tags: 
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