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12th Planet

Born in Los Angeles in 1982, John Dadzie aka Infiltrata aka 12th Planet prescribes a transatlantic flavour to Med School. Growing up in the south of the city, John’s musical apprenticeship began in his high school days by playing in bands and regularly attending raves and jungle parties. The turning point came when he formed Imperial Recordings with DJ Lith, a stepping stone for John to excel in a field of production and management.

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KTD is an electronic music producer, choosing to produce music that’s largely bass driven he tends to produce Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Dance music (and anything else in-between). Originally from a town called Shrewsbury but now based in London, he’s known for ‘hypnotic synth work 
and militant percussion’.

His aim is simply to carry on creating music for the people that keep pushing him to produce.

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