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Phace & Misanthrop

Phace is the alias used by Florian Harres, a drum and bass producer and label owner from Germany. With long time friend Michael Braeuninger, more widely known as Misanthrop, they both teamed up to create the record label, Neosignal, in 2008. This establishment was followed by the release of a worldly acclaimed album, From Deep Space, in 2010, accompanied with several singles. Phace & Misanthop's music trends within the neurofunk sub-genre of drum and bass, and are well known for their atmospheric and powerful tracks.

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Standard Procedure

Standard procedure are two producers/Dj’s/ Musicians from south UK creating Dubstep, DnB, electro and Hip-hop. standard procedure consists of DJ Natty + Dirty Harrison. DJ Natty has been mixing DnB and Dubstep for 3 years and held down a residency at HeadSpun drum n bass events for the past year, and had experience mixing DnB on west Londons Life FM. Natty has 6 years musical experience playing drums, percussion and guitar with various bands and artists and is currently studying music technology at FCOT.

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Zosh Cardo

Creative people/musicians/vjs/thinkers/visioners get in touch! Biography :
You are in the right place!
My great love for all things triphop/emotional and sadness in happiness & vice versa was what made me start Zosh Cardo.
My intentions have always been to be moved and to move so hopefully that’s what’s happening to all of us!
See you soon in a live music venue near you and in headphones on your head!
Spread the word! Description:
Dark Triphop Band interests :
Cinema - graphy, Book - graphy, Art - graphy, Zen - graphy, Self - graphy, You - graphy, Smile - graphy...

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Chronicles of Graham

The Graham (C.O.G) was formed in 2009, with the first track – I’ve got something for you! laid down in Aug 2009 by Trikboi and Mr Icus. What’s it all about?
The Graham is all about fun, comedy, weirdness, sex and randomness.
The band a mix of different types of music , an eclectic mix of people.
The focus of the band is creating a blend of music from a range of genres.
Musical influences – “Everything thing from classical to cheesy pop, to heavy Dubstep, Dancehall and Metal. The Graham is like a box of chocolates – You never know what you’re gonna get.” It’s all about the Graham.

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