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Zeds dead

Their name was derived from a scene in Tarantino's Pulp Fiction where Bruce Willis' character tells his girlfriend that the stolen bike they were going to ride belongs to Zed who he had killed earlier. "Zeds dead baby" The audio sample is featured in the beginning of Journey Of A Lifetime. http://www.myspace.com/zedsdead dubstep "It was prophesized long, long ago, that some time during the early part of the new millennium, a day will come when a sound will thunder down from the heavens and rain upon the world.

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Downlink has been punishing dancefloors all over the planet with his heavy brand of dubstep. With roots in Jungle & DnB, he is no stranger to the vile side of subsonic dance music. Growing up in a cold industrial town in British Columbia, Canada, he was first introduced to dubstep in 2007 and soon after took to production. While maintaining an appreciation for the sparse and laid-back vibes of the old school, Downlink set out to explore a more frantic, adrenaline fuelled style, influenced by everything from heavy metal to astrophysics.

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A producer most famous for his release "Pulse X" in 2002 which is considered one of the first 8-bar tracks. He was heavily involved in the movement in the early 2000s which came to be known as grime. Used to be part of the grime crew Musical Mob. Not to be confused with dubstep ambassador and Rinse FM legend DJ Youngsta.

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