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Who are MDV? - AMF 68

No lazy assumptions are to be made when describing the music of MDV. The qualities gracing this conscious London based reggae band has granted them the favour of always having kept their art relevant to modern times whilst still preserving an original sound. MDV's musical expression is a promise of love and light to those demanding refreshing change and for those who miss that feel-good rush when faced with the fortunate onslaught of good, real reggae music.

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Bad Influence

There were at least 3 bands named BAD INFLUENCE: 1) a Hardcore Punk band from San Fransisco that released the Wars No Fun demo tape in 1983 2) another Hardcore Punk band, this time from Antwerp, Belgium. Formed in 1985. 3) UK blues band formed in 1986. DETAILS: Ad.2)
Bad Influence started in 1985 playing hardcore anarchopunk mainly uk influenced this resorted in a demo called "Together We Are Stronger Than They Think" and numerous other releases Fact

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Traversing somewhat similar territory to Demdike Stare's occult ambient dub, the shadowy UK duo Raime recently debuted on new label Blackest Ever Black with a three-track EP that split the difference between minimalist techno, chamber ambient and the 4AD and Factory labels ca. 1982. While the particulars may differ, Raime's charcoal-rubbed vibe draws upon the quieter, more ambiguous moments of forgotten merchants of gloom like rema rema or Crispy Ambulance, updating it with everything we've learned from digital instruments.

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EL-B started producing low-key Techno tracks in the early 90's but made his name as the creative force behind the legendary UK Garage production unit 'Groove Chronicles'.... After countless remixes and soulful classics EL began his solo project 'Ghost' recordings... His sound became tougher & raw & the dubstep genre began. Dubstep innovator!!!

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The boy with the dot in his name and the dubby background, started to play records in
the early 90s far in the darkest reaches of the ruff'n'tuff Harz mountains, in former East Germany. This little country bumpkin practiced dilingently every night by candlelight at his aunt's farm.
1994. Phon.o cites the hay in the barn, the dirt in the fields and the sheep form calling him from beyond the hills as strong early influences of his deep and dirty style. In these times he got his first turntables and used every free hour to practise in his hidden secret cottage.

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