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No Warning Shot

Location: Bristol, South West UK
Genre: Hardcore No Warning Shot was started in mid 2002 by Toby (Guitar/vVcals) and Merv (Vocals) with no real intention of taking the project any further than Toby's 8 track. Fed up with the current state of pretty boy "core" bands and easy scene bullshit, the duo released a 6 track mini album which they circulated for free. Among the many listeners bleeding from the ears were the fine organisers of the infamous "Uxfest" who approached Toby to enquire about the possibilities of No Warning Shot performing .

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Rotten Sound

Rotten Sound was formed already in 1993 in Finland. After a slew of underground releases, singles and EPs, the band unleashed their debut album "Under Pressure" in 1997 on Repulse Records and "Drain" followed in 1998. On year 2002 Rotten Sound released the genre-defining Murderworks (Necropolis/Century Media), one of the corner-stones of the modern grind-core and after the release, Rotten Sound found themselves headlining an European tour.

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Rectal Smegma

Goregrind from Holland Rectal Smegma started late 2003 under the name Carnal Rancidity. After a month or 2 we deceided to continue under the name Rectal Smegma.
After a few line-up changes and some weeks we remained as: Yannic: vocals Frans: guitar, Robin: bass and Walter: drums.
After a load of gigs and the recording of our debute album Licking a Leper Robin left the band due to amputated limbs.

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goreshit is a one-man electronic music project from United Kingdom started in 2006. goreshit was primarily a artist (mostly and influenced), but later his style expanded to other genres such as , dark and . His tracks have appeared on several compilations and he has put out a number of full length albums and splits for free (mostly self-released but occasionally on netlabels such as Dance Corps. Tags: 
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