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There are several bands named Majesty:
1. German metal band created in 1997 by Tarek "MS" Maghary and Udo Keppner. Majesty stands for loud and wild Heavy Metal in styles of musical paragons such as Manowar, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest or Accept. Stefan Kaufmann (U.D.O., ex-Accept) produced the album 'Hellforces'. (Critics says that's why sound and manner of playing drums is very similar to drums U.D.O. 1997-...).

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Starlight Express

Starlight express is an Andrew Lloyd-Webber musical penned originally as a bed-time story for his child/children and is performed on roller skates. The story is one with so many levels which is bound to keep the whole audience interested; for the children, there's the speed of the skates, the chick flick lovers will instantly see the relationship between the two lead characters as it develops, and the more general watchers will see the traditional story of the underdog beating his rivals to achieve the ultimate goal.

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There is more than one Lockjaw: 1) Lockjaw was formed in Portland, Oregon around 1980 by Del Murry (guitar), Tony Arcudi (vocals), Eric Couch (bass), and Rob Parker (drums)... the band played clubs like The Met, 13th Precinct, and the Satyricon in the early days. By 1984 drummer Rob Parker was replaced with Jeremy J., and guitarist Garrett Garitano was added to the lineup. By that time Lockjaw was labeled "Portland's most hated band."

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van Canto

Van Canto is an a cappella metal band from Germany formed in 2006. It is comprised of five singers and a drummer.
In 2006, the band released its debut album, A Storm to Come, through General Schallplatten. It features seven original tracks, as well as cover versions of Metallica's Battery and Stora Rövardansen from the movie Ronja Rövardotter. Current members:
Philip Dennis Schunke - lead male vocal
Inga Scharf - lead female vocal

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temple hedz

Temple Hedz was formed in 2002 by UK born dance producer, composer and musician Paul Savery. His blend of psychedelic warm melodies and high-energy funky electronica form the backdrop of this unique magical creation. As a live band they are well known in the festival scene and have stunned audiences with their electrifying performances around the UK including Glastonbury, Solfest, Sunrise Celebration and Strawberry Fair.

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Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (1714-1788) - more commonly known as C.P.E. Bach - was a German musician and composer of the early Classical period. The second of eleven sons of Johann Sebastian Bach and Maria Barbara Bach, C.P.E. Bach was born in Weimar on 8th March 1714. He was one of the founders of the Classical style, composing in the and periods. Through the latter half of the eighteenth century, his reputation was very high. This was mainly because of his clavier sonatas, which marked an important development in the history of musical form.

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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Jailbreak was a hardcore band from Detroit, Michigan. They released a demo and a 7" which was available on Brokenglass Records. The demo was reissued on 7" on Brokenglass Records. Members went on to play for RZL DZL(Razzle Dazzle).
2) Jailbreak is a Swiss rock band. 3) Jailbreak is Heather Leigh + Chris Corsano

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There are more artists using the name Ortega. 1) Every so often a band emerges as if from nowhere armed with a depth of song writing that is simply stunning. Enter Ortega… The seven piece from Cannock in the Midlands have been doing what bands do – learning their craft (both live and on record), becoming big names on the local circuit, selling out their first self-made demos and building up to their debut single through Co Star Entertainment set for release in late 2007.

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