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Several artist appear under the name Brooklyn: 1) A short-lived rock band featuring Bad Brains member Daryl Jenifer and Adam Yauh from Beastie Boys who recorded a 15-song demo in late 1987. 2) A rapper from the Czech Republic 3) Co-founder of Heatbag records, Brooklyn is a member of Winnipeg's Most in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada who has two solo albums; Mind of a Heatbag (2009) and Only the Strong Survive (2011).

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Oblako Lodka

Formed by Irit Rozenfeld in late 2007, Oblako Lodka play a delicate blend of rudimentary pop; with atmospheric cycles reminiscent of Colleen, and airy seventh chords; a kind of ambient tropicalia.

Oblako Lodka are Irit Rozenfeld, Alex Nosek (ii, hammocks and honey) and Alexis Hall (The Motifs, Milk Teddy). Former members include Jodi Hoffman (véu) on drums, guitar, melodian and vocals, Shaun D'arcy (rival flight) on guitar, and Zoe Jackson (Light Music Club), who played keys for the band's first five shows.

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Hordes Of The Black Cross

Hordes of the Black Cross were expelled from the Womb of Death in the Year of No Lord 2010th with Thormentor, Korpse Horde, Hate Blaze and Halla ensnared in the collapsing axis. As the cyclic seasons transformed from darkness to light and into darkness again

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Goodbye Zoe

Goodbye Zoe are a rock band from Melbourne, Australia consisting of Kyle Smith (vocals), Fin Kelly (backing vocals and guitar), Brendan Cliff (bass), Wayne Falzon (guitar) and Mark Munday (drums). They released their debut EP 'Following Faultlines' in early 2011, which is available on itunes and at gigs. Influences include You Me at Six, The Getaway Plan and The Audition. Check out their web pages for more info:

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The Night Terrors

Spawned from the festering miasma of the Melbourne, Australia underground scene, The Night Terrors' theremin-fueled electro-noise has been petrifying punters since the year 2000. The Terrors' formula of soaring theremin, thunderous metal-bass, breakneck drumming and vintage horror synth has earnt them a reputation as one of Australia's most unusual and original bands. In 2009 The Night Terrors released their debut full-length album 'Back to Zero' on EXO Records.

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The Triangles

The Triangles are a five piece band from Melbourne, Australia, who started playing together in 2003. Their style is informed by many types of music including psychedelic pop, guitar based indie rock and 1970s folk. The Triangles independently released two albums of folky experimental pop in 2003 and 2004 before their first major release

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