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There are at least four artists going by the name "Prestige". 1)Barbershop quartet hailing from Toledo, OH. These guys sure have SPUNK. 2)Formed in 1987, PRESTIGE was one of the leading Speed / Thrash metal bands in Finland and one of the first to get signed by a major label. They released three full lenghts: "Attack Against Gnomes" in 1989, "Selling The Salvation" in 1990 and "Parasites In Paradise" 1992.

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1) Monolithic is the name of an improvisational extreme metal duo from Trondheim, Norway. The bandmembers are Stian Westerhus (known from bands like Jaga Jazzist, PUMA and Bladed) on baritone guitar and Kenneth Kapstad (Motorpsycho, Gåte and Animal Alpha) on drums. Their first album, Black Science, was released in March 2009. 2) Mike Babbitt a.k.a. "Midihead" has released two CDs and some additional songs under the name Monolithic.

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Lip Service

There are at least three different artists called Lip Service 1- Lip Service began as a project between JJ, formerly of such bands like No Regrets and The Oval Portrait, Pedro, and Rob. The thought process was to make music that they would buy if they were a consumer. It was a simple idea, blend together all their favorite styles of punk, new wave, and dance to somehow make music that would both be entertaining as well as interesting.

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Komputer is the project of two London-based synth-meisters: Simon Leonard and David Baker, releasing on Mute Records. The duo have been writing, mixing and producing together for over 25 years, formerly in I Start Counting & Fortran 5. Their new album is Synthetik. Their sound is rigorously electronic and their tracks deal with such diverse subjects as: Russian cosmonauts, rubbish compactors and mobile phone ringtones. Musical antecedents and influences include Kraftwerk, Giorgio Moroder, Syd Barrett and Brian Eno.

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There is more than one known artist who once went under the name Covenant: 1. Covenant is a band from Sweden that has furthered electronic body music ("EBM" - pioneered in the 80s by the likes of Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb), futurepop, and synth pop since the early 1990s. 2. Covenant, now known as The Kovenant, was a Norwegian band which has evolved from a melodic symphonic black metal band to industrial metal/harsh industrial on more recent albums. The band changed the name due to a dispute with the Swedish band that shared the same name.

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1) Bernstein is a techno producer based in Tokyo, Japan with a number of releases out on various labels such as the well known RaceCar Productions(USA), Moodgadget(USA), Nordform Records(JP) and the experimental label, White Label Music(UK) He is known primarily for deep-groove oriented techno and minimalism but also works under other pseudonyms, most notably Kevin Baconfrom Footloose. 2)A pop band from Germany. Most of the streamable tracks which you find at the top of the charts below are by them.

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There are at least two bands called "Blindside".
1. Band from Stockholm, Sweden.
2. 90s Straight Edge Hardcore band from Pennsylvania, USA. Members went on to form Stillwater and Atari.
3. Band from Australia (1992 - 1995) that appeared on the Summershine label. 1. Blindside is a / band from Stockholm. They formed in 1994 as "underFree" and kept that name for two years before releasing their debut EP in 1996.

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Beat Ratio

Beat Ratio is a London based solo artist producing focused electro-pop tunes with an old school approach. Working exclusively on cassette, from the initial ideas to the final masters, he uses the limitations imposed by tape as an incentive for creativity and a way to escape the perfectionism of music software. Funky beats, synth-pop and traditional songwriting are all processed through a DIY blender in an attempt to produce music with which to recapture a time, not long ago, when "less was more".

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