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Lets Talk Tactics

As the line up currently stands Lets Talk Tactics have been together for 6 months. We are unsigned and will be releasing our first E.P - Advanced Preview - in early 2008.
Lets Talk Tactics are paving the way for a new generation of music, and a new generation of music lovers. Sweeping aside the snobbery that many other genres/bands rely on, 'LTT' aim to create music that everyone can dance to and enjoy.

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Lali Puna

Lali Puna are from Weilheim, Bavaria, Germany. The band was brought to life in early 1998 by Valerie Trebeljahr who sings and plays keyboards. Having a lot of time on her hands after her all-girl-band had split up, she used the four-track-recorder as a kind of band replacement. Then came Markus Acher, relaxing from his The Notwist and Tied & Tickled Trio duties (and from living in a house with Mr. Morr) and thus he became Lali Puna’s second member.

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Cosmic Kids

Cosmic Kids Ron Poznansky and Dan Terndrup didn’t meet in outer space as their DJ moniker may indicate, but the story is still equally as good. The two met in a high school classroom meant for kids who had trouble paying attention. They bonded over their love of classic rock. Right out of high school they both volunteered to work at the Los Angeles radio station KCRW. Known for its eclectic programming, the friends were exposed to all different kinds of music, and began collecting and consuming records, feeding their ever-expanding appetite for music.

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1) Four guys from the West Coast of Norway playing no-nonsense rock'n'roll.
The band consists of : Lars Martin: vox , Ralla: drums , Stian: guitars , Per Harald: bass
Though they have been playing for years, their first gig happened in April 2009, opening for Bigbang, followed by a second gig at the Garage in Oslo, to promote their EP.
The musicians have experience working in some of the following bands: Gorgoroth, Trelldom, Animal Alpha, Elvin Friendly, Emmerhoff and The Melancholy Babies, Bookhouse, The Margarets and The Disciplines.

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MUTEMATH is an band which formed in New Orleans, LA, United States in 2003. They consist of Paul Meany (vocals, keytar, keyboards, samples), Roy Mitchell-Cárdenas (bass, percussion), Darren King (drums, samples), and Todd Gummerman (guitar, keyboards, backing vocals). Since MUTEMATH released its first EP in late 2004 and hit the road in 2005, their inherent nature has challenged limitations and expanded parameters.

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