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C-Lekktor is a Mexican aggrotech project.
[1990] Under the alias of ' C-Lekktor ', Marco makes his first appearances in quality of disc jockey in events that gather to the pioneer bands of the electro scene in Mexico, 'Oxido Conkreto', 'Hocico', 'Portent', 'Ogo', 'Cenobita', 'Deus ex Machina'. That was the golden era of the electro (1990-1997). Besides his appearances like DJ, Marco was also involved in other projects, like the radio-phonic ones in the show 'Oído Electrónico'

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Cervello Elettronico

As the solo project of New York City's DJ Snarf, Cervello Elettronico deftly crosses genre boundaries to create aggressive electronic dance music with a nod to rhythmic noise and classic EBM structures. Influenced by such artists as PowerPussy, This Morn' Omina, Hocico, Synapscape, Asche, Oil 10, and Autechre, Cervello Elettronico has performed live all over North America and Europe and shared the bill with a multitude of well-known industrial and power noise acts.

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There are multiple artists with the name Erra: 1)We are Erra, and we are from the general Birmingham/Montgomery area. We've all played in a few bands from around here that you may or may not be familiar with.
Garrison Lee (Even Idols Die), Alan Rigdon (Broadcast The Nightmare), Alex Ballew (By Blood and Iron, Whoa Is Me), Jesse Cash (By Blood and Iron, Whoa Is Me), Adam Hicks (By Blood and Iron, Thy Devourer).

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Voltage Control

There is more than one artist named Voltage Control:
1. Voltage Control was an electronic/EBM group formed in 1988 and featuring the duo of Arno Peeters & Tibor Füllöp, both students at the Centre for Electronic Music (CEM) in the Netherlands during the late '80's. Although strongly influenced by the first acid-house that reached the European mainland, it was meant to be an Electronic Body Music project.

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Hailing from Vienna, Austria, mind.in.a.box is an electronic music duo formed in 2002, consisting of Stefan Poiss (music & vocals) and Markus Hadwiger (lyrics) whose "technopop" sound can be described as a cross between futurepop and progressive trance. Their songs feature monologues, snippets of audio logs and conversations that combine to tell a story that spans their albums. Together, they form a mysterious epic that draws on science fiction, fantasy and noir fiction. Discography: * Lost Alone (LP, 2004)

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Unter Null

Unter Null is an electronic music project formed by Erica Dunham in 1998 in Seattle, WA, now currently based in Hamburg, Germany. The official website is http://www.unter-null.net. Years of classical music training, a love for computers and technology, a tough-as-nails resolve, a fierce independent streak, and the compulsion to find catharsis through music led Erica to eventually form Unter Null at the age of 17. Unter Null has been and will always be Erica Dunham in the studio.

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No Comment

There are a few groups that go by the name of "No Comment":
1) No Comment were an American powerviolence band from North Hollywood, California, active from 1987 to 1993. Along with other powerviolence bands such as Crossed Out and Man Is The Bastard, No Comment were influential in what was known to become the "West Coast powerviolence" scene for their aggressive musical and conceptual take on the hardcore punk genre.

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Maldito started in mid 2006 with 3 original members which consisted of:
Ace - Vocals
Christian Fiallo - Drums
Andres Torres - Guitar Later they introduced Bernardo Linares, of The Low Life and later Mehkago N.T. into the band as a fill in bass player to make the band more complete, and several months later Berny started playing guitar and Maldito introduced Juan Ex member of Knock Em Dead to play bass.

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