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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Mesh are a synthpop/ebm group, hailing from Bristol, UK consisting of Mark Hockings and Richard Silverthorn. Neil Taylor was in Mesh from their conception in 1993 until 2005. Their music is described by their official website as "somewhere between synthpop and EBM". Mesh were discovered largely as a result of Future Music releasing their first three demo songs on a compilation.

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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Italian horror-themed deathcore band
1) Solo punk project of Vinnie Stigma from Agnostic Front
3) Thrash metal band from the Netherlands
4) Female-fronted death metal band from the Czech Republic
5) German alternative rock band
6) Alternative rock band from Finland
7) Romanian pop-rock band
8) Anarcho-punk band featured on some Mortarhate Records compilations
9) Hungarian hip-hop artist

Read more about Stigma on Last.fm.

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Insekt was formed in 1989 by Mario Vaerewijck and Eric Van Wonterghem, respective members from the eighties legendary Belgian EBM bands Vomito Negro and Klinik.
With their unique and compelling mixture of powerful rhythmic flare, nasty virulent synth strings, colliding sample collages, harsh angry vocals and characteristic freezing melodic lines, Insekt immediately caught the attention of the electronic crowds with their debut album "We Can't Trust The Insect".

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Darkwave/Gothic Rock band formed in Karlsruhe, Germany in 1993 by Johannes Berthold. Scarcely another band among the German-speaking Alternative /(Dark)Wave-scene has polarized media and audience within the last eighteen years as much as ILLUMINATE. Either praised up to the skies or torn apart as „Schlager“ (a German derogatory term for bad pop songs) – be that as it may, for the last decade, Jo-hannes Berthold and his band have left their mark on the Dark scene...

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Absurd Minds

"(AbsuЯd) Minds" is a music band from Germany. Absurd Minds was formed in 1995 by Stefan Großmann (voice, composing) and Tilo Ladwig (composing, programming, sampling). Musically they were inspired by the of the early 1990s. Between 1995 and 1999, Absurd Minds released three CD-rs in limited quantities, laying the groundwork for further developments by the band. After a long creative phase their first concert took place at the Dresden club, "Bunker". As a result of this the band came into contact with "Music Cooperation" who subsequently became their management.

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While compiling the 5th edition of the famous Endzeit Bunkertracks compilation box, Alfa Matrix discovered this more than promising band from Tallinn, Estonia. After voted, "Best up and coming act" by over 700 DJ's during a contest organized by Alfa Matrix, FREAKANGEL joined the Belgian label army and started completing their dancefloor frontal attack debut album, “The Faults of Humanity” which was mixed and engineered in Germany in the renown X-Fusion Music Prod. Studio (NOISUF-X, X-FUSION, SUICIDE COMMANDO, etc.).

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The Ladder

The Ladder are a British hard rock group. The band is composed of three past members of the group FM, Steve Overland, Pete Jupp and Bob Skeat along with former Dare/Ten guitarist Vinny Burns. The band released one studio album, Future Miracles. Originally thought to be an FM reunion the group decided not to use that name for what was termed "political reasons" as well as seeking a fresh approach. Also:

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There are multiple artists with the name Erra: 1)We are Erra, and we are from the general Birmingham/Montgomery area. We've all played in a few bands from around here that you may or may not be familiar with.
Garrison Lee (Even Idols Die), Alan Rigdon (Broadcast The Nightmare), Alex Ballew (By Blood and Iron, Whoa Is Me), Jesse Cash (By Blood and Iron, Whoa Is Me), Adam Hicks (By Blood and Iron, Thy Devourer).

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There are four Numbs: (1) Don Gordon's band. (2) Takashi Kizawa. (3) Japanese hardcore band. (4) http://www.numb-music.com/
(1) Coldwave and Electro-Industrial band that was based in Vancouver, Canada. It was founded by Don Gordon in 1986. Following his Suspended single, Gordon retired the project and moved to Vietnam to live with his wife. Past Members: David Collings – Vocals (1994-2000)
Blair Dobson – Vocals (1990-1991)
David Hall – Keyboards, Programming (1986-1991)
Conan Hunter – Vocals (1991-1993)

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