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There is more than one artist with this name. 1. Spex is Russian progressive dj & producer. He fell in love with electronic music in early 1999, when he bought his first Korg N5 synthesizer and learned his first Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 sequencer. Since that time he started to make progress to become one day a real professional. Now these dreams finally are coming true 2. Spex is a Hip-Hop artist from Johannesburg, South Africa who was active in the 1990's.

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God's Gift

God's Gift is a grime MC from East London, and is a member of the group Mucky Wolfpack, as well as most recently Cemetary Warriors. He was also a member of the pioneering collective Pay As You Go and was closely associated with Wiley and Riko. Years ago he had the name Pepsi. He claims to be returning to grime in 2010 after a break. 2)
A band connected with the Manchester Musician's Collective in the late 70s, early 80s, God's Gift strove to outdo their contemporaries in darkness, diffidence, pure feral energy and gleeful musical anarchy.

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1. Destro (of Boom Bap Project)
As a founding member of Oldominon and Boom Bap Project, Destro's ability to adapt to beats and concepts on opposite ends of the spectrum has become his trademark. By first earning a name battling emcees from Portland to Seattle, Destro has a deep respect for both the history and the evolution of hip hop and has rocked shows across the country opening for act's such as Blackalicious, Dilated Peoples, Wu-Tang Clan, Mos Def, The Roots, Living Legends, Hieroglyphics, Blacksheep and others.

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Sam Sure and Giacomo

Sam Sure and Giacomo are a hip hop group from Kent in the south east of England. They realised a 8 track e.p called 'The Fresh Air e.p' in 2003.
Record label description-
'Adopting an honest back to basics approach, Sam Sure and Giacomo have produced a debut that reminds us all of what’s great about hip-hop. Stripping away the pretensions that are so evident in today’s scene, the main aim, right from the start, was not to release another moody, egotistical hip-hop record.

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Melatone was formed by Matt Berry. Matt is the only constant member of Melatone which has played live as a 3-piece, a 4-piece (including a cellist) and currently Matt is performing solo. Live performances by Melatone uses live looping to build up multi-layered tracks which provide a bigger sound than most full bands, using just an acoustic guitar & an array of pedals. Matt writes all the music and lyrics while performing most of the instruments on his most recent recordings.

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There are multiple artists with this name: 1) Pronounced "Un-Double Neuf-Cinq" (One double nine Five). A French hip-hop group from the Paris Suburb (Montrouge 92). Composed of 6 members: Nekfeu (or Fennek), Alpha Wann (or Phaal), Sneazzy, areno Jaz, Fonky Flav' and Dj Lo. It is part of the collective "L'Entourage". 2) 1995 are a Darkwave Pop band from Auckland, New Zealand, consisting of 5 members; Adrian Bird (Guitar/BV), Matt Offord (Vocals/Keys), Dave Provan (Guitar), Jordan Puryer (Drums/BV) and Chris Washer (Bass). Formed in Auckland, 2007.

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Silent Majority

There are at least three artists with the name Silent Majority. 1. Silent Majority formed on long island in the mid-90's and became one of the most influential hardcore bands from the area. Tom currently sings for Capital. Many people consider them to be the best hardcore band originating from Long Island of their time 2. Silent Majority are a four piece melodic hardcore/punk band from the Eastern Shores of Hobart, Tasmania, made up of a bunch of best mates who met in high school.

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BADBADNOTGOOD is pianist Matt Tavares, bassist Chester Stone Hansen, and drummer Alex Sowinski, who is usually seen wearing a pig mask. The trio met at Humber College in Toronto, Canada and bonded over their mutual musical interests—OFWGKTA, Gucci Mane, and Waka Flocka Flame. BADBADNOTGOOD released their first two albums in 2011, both for free off of their official Bandcamp. They have most recently released BBNG2 for free at http://badbadnotgood.com

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Ugly Heroes

Ugly Heroes is a hip-hop group that consists of Apollo Brown, Red Pill, and Verbal Kent. Ugly Heroes released their self-titled debut album, on May 28, 2013, via Mello Music Group. An Ugly Hero is considered a myth. Growing up, the heroes we saw in cartoons and movies were perfectly chiseled, intelligent, and had senses none of us possess. An UGLY HERO is the everyday blue collar individual that makes the world go 'round. These are the heroes that work hard all day, everyday to help ensure that the lives around them are taken care of, and do it all without recognition.

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