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Viktor Vaughn

Alter ego of rapper Daniel Dumile. Other alter egos include MF DOOM, Metal Fingers and King Geedorah. The name Viktor Vaughn comes from Victor Von Doom, the real name of Fantastic Four arch-enemy Dr. Doom. Doom stated, in the song 'Doom on Vik': "Vik is more cutting edge, whatever the new stuff is or these new MC's are doing. But he still appreciates the old school art of rhyming. So there's still a level of sincerity to Viktors stuff, but it's still younger and newer, you know what I'm saying? And he rhymes over whatever beat, it don't matter.

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J Dilla

J Dilla was born James Dewitt Yancey on February 7, 1974 in Detroit, Michigan, to Maureen and Beverly Yancey. From the onset, music was intrinsic to Jay's life. His mother Maureen was an accomplished singer and lover of classical music and opera. His father Beverly was a gifted vocalist and bass player fond of vocal harmonies and jazz, who played professionally for 25 years before taking a job at Ford. A two-year-old Jay would gurgle along in perfect pitch to the sound of his father practicing on his upright bass until it lulled him to sleep.

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Antipop Consortium

Antipop Consortium is an alternative hip hop group that released several singles and two albums before being signed by Warp Records in 2000. The group formed in 1997 when Beans, High Priest, M. Sayyid and producer Earl Blaize met at a poetry slam in New York City. The group disbanded due to creative differences in August 2002, with Beans pursuing a solo career while Priest and Sayyid formed Airborn Audio.

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The Foreign Exchange

Consisting of rapper/singer/songwriter Phonte and producer Nicolay, The Foreign Exchange came together via the online hip-hop community Okayplayer.com in 2002. After trading files through Instant Messenger for over a year, Nicolay (living in his native Holland at the time) and Phonte (a Raleigh, NC resident) completed their debut album before they ever met each other in person. The album, "Connected," was released in 2004 to positive reviews, and was praised by legendary DJ's such as Jazzy Jeff, King Britt, and DJ Spinna for its inventive mix of hip-hop, R&B, and electronica.

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There is more than one artist with this name. 1. Spex is Russian progressive dj & producer. He fell in love with electronic music in early 1999, when he bought his first Korg N5 synthesizer and learned his first Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 sequencer. Since that time he started to make progress to become one day a real professional. Now these dreams finally are coming true 2. Spex is a Hip-Hop artist from Johannesburg, South Africa who was active in the 1990's.

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There are multiple artists that go by the name Roam: 1) A 5 piece Melodic Punk band from Eastbourne, UK. You can listen and download their first EP 'No Common Ground' from their bandcamp and check them out on Facebook 2) Born Nov. 9th ’87 in the island of The Philippines ROAM(Rene’ Endino) made her way to the states by the age of 12. Always having an interest in mixing genres and bashing faces she’s sure to move an audience with the hardest sounds whether it be electro or hardcore. At 20 she moved to LA where she got started out as a bedroom DJ hitting the stage within weeks.

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There are multiple artists by this name. 1 is a character in the Musical Nickelodeon Movie 'Spectacular!' played by Nolan Gerard Funk. Here is info about the other Nikko:
"Hovering between melancholic barroom balladry and thunderous post-rock, Nikko inhabit a niche in the Brisbane music scene all of their own, a Gothic Western sound that lays the atmospherics on thick and never lets the tension slip

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Deltron 3030

Deltron 3030 is a USA supergroup, formed in 1999, around a core of: producer Dan Nakamura (aka Dan the Automator and the cantankerous Captain Aptos), rapper Teren Delvon Jones (aka Del Tha Funkee Homosapien and Deltron Zero) and DJ Eric San (aka Kid Koala and Skiznod the Boy Wonder), with many other artists, e.g. Damon Albarn, Sean Lennon and Paul Huston (aka Prince Paul) - all taking on various futuristic pseudonyms, like MC Paul Barman (aka Cleofis Randolph the Patriarch).

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