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Ugly Duckling

Ugly Duckling are a hip hop trio, formed in 1993 in Long Beach, California. Ugly Duckling's members are Dizzy Dustin, Young Einstein and Andy Cooper. Their style is alternative hip hop, influenced especially by old school performers such as the Zulu Nation and the Native Tongues Posse. Most of their songs follow the creed that hip hop is about having fun and often mock the clichéd gangster rappers who dominate the mainstream.

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Kid Crusher

KidCrusher is an Australian Horrorcore artist from Adelaide, South Australia. Originating in 1996, KidCrusher has collaborated with several producers from around the world. He was a featured artist on the Insane Clown Posse's Compilation Album Tunnel Runners released on their sub-label Hatchet House. Shawn Montague (KidCrusher) was born October 28, 1986. Born and Raised in the Northern Suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia. KidCrusher started rapping in 1996 recording on cassettes and PC programs and also attempting his dream of being a vocalist in a Death Metal Band.

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Alphabetix is a Leeds based crew comprising 3 MCs -ABD, Angel S & MrRis and DJ Sir+. Alphabetix have been playing out sets nationally for the past 5 years, and have supported Foreign Beggars, Klashnekoff, Jack Flash, Skinnyman, Task Force, Chemo, IRS & Kashmere amongst others. Regulars on the Leeds scene Alphabetix are also part of a larger collective called Northern Hostility running 27 members strong.

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Living Legends

The Living Legends crew is a family of independent hip-hop creators. From primary earth bases in Los Angeles and Oakland, the Legends extend worldwide and beyond. It all started with BFAP (now known as Sunspot Jonz) and Luckyiam.PSC, who laid claim to the name of Mystik Journeymen in the early 1990s. By '94 they were locally legendary for throwing Underground Survivors shows, houseparty style at their loft - 4001 San Leandro Boulevard in East Oakland. That's where The Grouch hooked up with the Journeymen in 1995, just before they took off on their renowned first European tour.

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Sam Sure and Giacomo

Sam Sure and Giacomo are a hip hop group from Kent in the south east of England. They realised a 8 track e.p called 'The Fresh Air e.p' in 2003.
Record label description-
'Adopting an honest back to basics approach, Sam Sure and Giacomo have produced a debut that reminds us all of what’s great about hip-hop. Stripping away the pretensions that are so evident in today’s scene, the main aim, right from the start, was not to release another moody, egotistical hip-hop record.

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Masta Ace

Masta Ace (born Duval Clear) is a rapper from brooklyn, New York. Appearing on the classic 1988 posse cut, The Symphony, he garnered notoriety as an unsung asset to the Juice Crew posse, and is therefore, widely considered one on the roster, where he released a number of well-respected albums that were nonetheless little-heard outside purist circles. The single that has earned him the most attention has been Jeep Ass Niguh (alternatively known as "Born To Roll", essentially a remix which uses the track from Def Jam artist Original Concept's "Knowledge Me").

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Dark Matter

Several artists and bands have used the name "Dark Matter": 1. Dark Matter is a Hip-Hop group from Sydney made up of 2 MC's Labyrinth and Ovahand 2. Dark Matter is electronic side-project by Helios Creed (ex-Chrome) 3. Dark Matter is one man black metal band from Washington, United States 4. Dark Matter is a Progressive Metal group from England 5. Dark Matter is an online radio show by Dave Navarro on Moheak Radio at http://www.moheak.com/

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