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In his official bio, Booth newcomer ScienZe explains that he adopted his stage name because, if “science is the study of all things,” then “(he is) the study of hip-hop.” That’s one lofty claim – does the Brooklynite truly personify the entire body of knowledge we call hip-hop? http://scienzeclass.com/

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The name "Himself" is currently shared by: 1) A musician from Philadelphia, Pa.
Rap Superstar, "Himself" Co- Founder of Throwup Records Incorporated,along with his blood cousin,Rap Superstar "Brickyard Pro" his origins are from Philadelphia,Pa. 2) A rock band from West Yorkshire, UK.
Ramsey, Mark, Jon, Ad and Matthew David Coy. A big rock band. Athough we do not incorporate rap into our sound and are not based in the US, Himself are happy to continue to receive excited contact from budding rappers out there. We’d love to rock the mic with you. www.myspace.com/allbyhimself

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The Colony

1)The Colony are a London Hip Hop crew which are comprised of members: Conspicuous The Coroner, Grimlok, Sir Smurf Little & Willo Wispa 2) 60's garage from California USA, later appeared on Pebbles Vol. 8 (CD), Boulders, Vol. 1 (LP) and Highs In The Mid-Sixties, Vol. 1 (LP). 5 Single - All I Want (Platter 105) Apr. 1967

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