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Mark Seymour

Mark Seymour is an Australian musician and singer best known for his work as the frontman and songwriter of rock band Hunters & Collectors. In 1997, whilst still officially part of Hunters & Collectors he released his debut solo album King Without a Clue, which earned him a nomination in the ARIA Awards for Best Male Artist (as well as Best Debut Single with Last Ditch Cabaret). In 1998, Hunters & Collectors officially split up.

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Gabriella Cilmi

Gabriella Cilmi is a jazz and pop singer who was born 10 October 1991 and grew up in Melbourne, Australia. She was first signed by the Warner Music Group when she was just 12 years old. She is now signed to Island Records and living in the UK. Gabriella's first studio album titled "Lessons to Be Learned" was released on February 18th 2008. "Lessons to be Learned" is produced by Xenomania (Girls Aloud, Sugababes, Saint Etienne, and others) and features the singles "Sweet About Me", "Save the Lies" and "Don't Wanna Go to Bed Now".

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Terra Australis

- Founded in July
- Wrote and Recorded "The Adorer and the Adored" August - November.
- Released "The Adorer and the Adored" 2009
- January, Wrote material for "Tear drops reflecting in the eyes of Satan"
- February, Recorded "Tear drops reflecting in the eyes of Satan"
- March - Wrote material for "In the Lost corners of the Carpathians (The land of the Phantoms)"
(Inspired by Vlad the Impaler and the 1922 Nosferatu film)

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Please be aware that the tracks StayFeelregret, Flatline and Lock and Load are by Smudge (UK).. please head over to for their profile. Sorry for any inconvenience! Thankyou Smudge Australia
Smudge is a pop band which formed in Sydney, Australia in 1991. The group is fronted by vocalist and guitarist, Tom Morgan who co-authored The Lemonheads breakthrough 1992 album It's A Shame About Ray as well as a number of other hits for that group.

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Shellie Morris

Indigenous Australian singer/songwriter from the Northern Territory. She grew up in a white family, but has since rediscovered her heritage. Has received great press over the years in Australia. Performed in Europe (Sweden) for the first time in september 2006.

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There are two artist named Invertigo:
1. Invertigo were an Australian four-piece pop/rock group
2. InVertigo is a Neo-Progressive rock band from Germany
1. Invertigo were an Australian four-piece pop/rock group active in the early 2000s. Its members were Christian Argenti as well as brothers Gerry Leigh ( Gerome William Leigh, James Leigh and Vince Leigh (the latter two of which were former members of Pseudo Echo).

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