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1990 was the year Dreamkillers busted their way onto the Aussie underground scene via the culmination of two local Brisbane punk outfits; “Mystery of Sixes” and “Insane Hombres”. The name Dreamkillers came after a conversation regarding the 1957 Williams Burrows classic, The Red Planet, where he refers to the “dream killers”. Disillusioned with the inferior commercial offerings of the time, Dreamkillers soon channelled this angst into a raunchy punk-inspired, hardrock / heavy-metal tour-de-force that became their trademark sound.

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The Storm Picturesque

We are a metal band from Newcastle, trying our best to breathe life into a stale genre. We are not an image. We are not trend driven. We create music that we want to hear and that we enjoy listening to. All of us are still young, and hope that you can enjoy our music as we mature as both people and musicians. Also they are not known as The Storm , Picturesque.

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Tim Rogers

Tim Rogers is the frontman of Australian rock band You Am I. He has released several solo albums of a more folksy nature to his You Am I work: with the Twin Set:
What Rhymes With Cars And Girls? (1999) with the Temperance Union:
bonus disc to You Am I's Dress Me Slowly (2001)
Spit Polish (2004)
Ghost Songs (2005)
Dirty Ron (2005) Solo:
The Luxury of Hysteria (2007)

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Grips & Tonic

Grips & Tonic is the new project of J.J. Peters (Of Deez Nuts and I Killed The Prom Queen) and Louie Knuxx. Their debut album "Want Some, Get Some" was released in June on Stomp Records. They've dropped a new mixtape in 2010, it's called Songs To Fuck Your Hand To and is available to download on their myspace.

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Mary Jane Kelly

Mary Jane Kelly are a hardcore band out of Wollongong, Australia. Mary Jane Kelly have released two E.P's to this date, the first one released was Marionettes in 2007 (this was considered a demo by the band themselves), and Our Streets Turn White was released on the 11th of October 2008 through Trial and Error records. "Like There's No Tomorrow", 2010, is their latest release, an 11 track record also released through Trial and Error records.
Members (2009):
Justin B - vocals

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1) Drag is Darren Middleton on guitar and vocals. On drums is the band's co-founder, Mark McElligott, an old mate of Darren's and long-time member of the Finger's travelling party, plus a couple of buddies and excellent musos from the Brisbane scene: Sean Hartman on bass and Matt Murphy on keys.
Much of the creative core of Drag was developed in hotel rooms over the course of nearly a decade while out on the road -- Darren in his room writing songs, or with Mark putting down demos. Over the years, the pair worked up some 50 tracks.

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Steering By Stars

Steering By Stars are a four piece band from Adelaide, Australia. Their sound could be described as Post-Rock Punk, a melding of symphonic melodies with contrasting aggressive rhythms. Steering By Stars develop their music as a live performance, placing an emphasis on creating an atmosphere that is both captivating and contiguous. Recently Steering By Stars have recorded their debut album

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