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Mood Deluxe

The Psy Breaks project of Brighton based artist and producer Cameron Leonard-Schroff aka Nagual Sound Experiment. Back on the UK psy trance scene after a period in California working as an engineer, the Mood Deluxe debut album is set to drop this summer on cutting edge electronica and psy trance label Liquid Records. The album "The Tangent Universe" was produced in Los Angeles, London and Brighton. Fusing the two dancfloor strands of psy trance and nu skool breaks into a hi octane mutant genre that simply destroys dancefloors.

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Jamie Smithson aka Recktchordz has had an obsession with music and its culture since the age of 11. Growing up DJing through many different styles of music , at 21 Jamie has a lot more knowledge about the industry than you would think. Jamie quickly learnt the basics to launch himself into the world of production. A big step came when Jay discovered Breaks a new love for him to throw all his enthusiasm at.

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Formed in summer 2004, Skein arose in Tampere, Finland. Soon after their first recording, a five-song self-titled EP, the lineup underwent some drastic changes. After over two years of seeking a new singer, the Skein is finally operative in 2007, with new material and a will to let everyone hear it. The music could be placed in the loose genre of alternative metal, with dynamic and hard-hitting and yet reflective and poignant sound. The feeling of melancholy persists throughout the soundscapes that Skein creates.

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Johnny Cage

There are apparently three entries for Johnny Cage. According to the similar artists, the more popular one would appear to be the Valencia, CA hardcore act Johnny Cage. However, Johnny Cage is also the name of a remix DJ, whom can be read about below. There is also a third Johnny Cage. It's a band from the Netherlands lead by Johan Kooi (drummer of Bonne Aparte). With members of Bonne Aparte, In Limbo and Pluto. They make dreamy indie-rock. John C. Lewis III, a/k/a DJ 'Johnny CaGe' writes and remixes Electronic Breaks Music, as well as an occasional experimental Hip-Hop song or two.

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Tiger Mendoza

Tiger Mendoza has been a pseudonym for different types of electronic music I’ve created for a while, but after a couple of other projects had run their course, I decided it was time to take Tiger Mendoza up a notch. I began to work on some songs with Helena, who I’d heard singing at a friend’s party, and we soon realised the noise we were making was starting to sound pretty good. We released The Hope Sick EP in September 2009 and began to think about how we could play live. Spotting a Twitter conversation about finding a bass player, Sally got in touch to say she was up for it.

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Fingathing are an instrumental jazz / hip-hop band from Manchester, UK, comprising classically trained Double bass player Sneaky and DJ / turntablist Peter Parker. The duo first performed together as part of the backing band for Rae & Christian before teaming up. Over the course of the years, they have released several full length albums ; 'The Main Event' (2000), 'Superhero Music' (2002) and 'Fingathing and the Big Red Nebula Band' (2004), with a best of compilation following the year after.

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There are at least five artists that are using Mindscape alias. 1) A Hungarian drum and bass producer
2) A Danish Rock group located in Copenhagen.
3) A Swedish Metal/Pop/Techno-band act from Gothenburg, Sweden.
4) A Progressive Rock outfit from Melbourne, Australia.
5) A project from the German DJ & producer Torben Schmidt 1) Mindscape is a Hungarian drum and bass producer/dj trio(since 2007 only Gergely Sasvári) formed in late 2002, in an up-and-coming and lively Budapest scene.

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