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Chrome Kids

The Chrome Kids are currently squatting in the last remaining Hip-hop warehouses, as the rest are bulldozed to make way for new Department stores. Although the buildings themselves are sturdy and in many ways still majestic, the bricks are crumbling slightly, the grand murals on the walls have started to fade and the roofs have been neglected for some time and are in need of repair. It might not be the best place to live but we have a phat stack of speakers that constantly rumble out the dirtiest, digitally mutated basslines and beats this side of Saturn.

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1. Dov is the person behind many of the past decades most dynamic underground labels incuding his own imprint: Muti Music, which has itself help define a whole new sound of the west coast.
Dov's music / DJ sets, ranges from urban bass driven breakbeats, mid-tempo, chill or crunky dancefloor bits to chunky four to the floor tracks that often still manage to sound a little broken with a somewhat 'garage' feel to them.

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Robot Koch

Berlin based producer Robot Koch is the mastermind behind the critically acclaimed Jahcoozi and post rock/hiphop outfit The Tape vs RQM.
If he`s not on tour with Jahcoozi or Djing somewhere in the world he still finds time to produce and remix other people and write music for film scores. He made beats and remixes for artists like Infinite Livez (Ninja Tune/Big Dada) Justine Electra (City Slang), Raz Ohara (Kitty Yo), Data Mc (Hamton), Al Haca (Klein) and Christopher Wiltis (Ghostly International), Rustie (Stuff Records) and Amanda Blank (downtown rec).

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"T-junky is a UK based songwriter and producer. He started out by playing some smaller clubs as a DJ, and slowly got into writing and producing.
Currently finishing his degree, he is now ready to start playing out in clubs again. This time he shall not just be playing the local scene, but all over. So watch this space. Dates to come. "
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1. Bill Laswell in slow meditative ambient Dub mode. Personnel include Gabe Gatz from Blind Idiot God and DJ Spooky, as well as Bill Laswell alumni Nicky Skopelites, Lilli Haydn, Tetsu Inoue and Robert Musso. 2. Electro-punk outfit from the Pacific Northwest comprised of Okibi and Steeve B. They combine a number of industrial, noise, pop, and post-punk elements into a danceable and eclectic mix of politics, story-telling, and the occult.

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Shifty Sly

Shifty Sly has been smashing dancefloors in Melbourne for over 9 years now with his tough upfront Bassline Beats and Breaks. Shifty began his DJ career by winning a DJ comp at Out of Order, one of Melbourne's longest running and most successful Breaks nights which at the time was headed up by Nick Thayer. Things just kept getting bigger and better for Shifty, becoming the opening DJ for Melbourne's highly respected hard Breaks party Gimme A Break.

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The Living Tombstone

A musician from Israel that creates remixes and his own original music. His style varies from through many kinds of music and recently he has also been recording vocals for his own music. He has created a lot of music for the community and can often be found collaborating with other artists in the community such as Mic The Microphone and WoodenToaster, among others. He is one part of the brony music group, Twenty Ten.

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There are multiple artists with this name: 1) "Paul Salva is a funky motherf-cker," says The Fader. Beyond those who already know this, the rest of the electronic music world is catching wind of the 29 year old producer, DJ, promoter and label boss. Already heralded by the Numbers, Ernest Endeavors and LuckyMe crews in the UK, the Low End Theory residents in LA and his own Frite Nite label/crew in SF, Salva is primed as he preps the release of his debut album, Complex Housing for the Friends of Friends (FoF Music) label.

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Atoms for Peace

Atoms for Peace is an and supergroup formed in late 2009 in Los Angeles, California, United States. The group consists of Radiohead lead singer Thom Yorke (vocals, guitars, and piano), Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea (bass guitar), longtime Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich (keyboards, synths), Joey Waronker of Beck and R.E.M. (drums), and Brazilian instrumentalist Mauro Refosco (percussion). Their debut album, Amok, became available for streaming on February 18, 2013, and was released on February 25, 2013.

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