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"Sigma" can refer to;
1. An United Kingdom-based drum and bass collective
2. An Arizona, USA based punk-rock band
3. One of the many pseudonyms of Canadian electronic artist Renard. ---
1. Sigma is an up and coming drum and bass collective based in the UK, rapidly gaining a reputation for their eclectic style of dance floor beats. Producer of the 2007 hit single All Blue/El Presidente.

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GREECE Panos Kanoutas is a Greek electronic producer from Corfu Island with a unique dark emotional electro techno style. While taking his piano lessons he was co-organizing and developing a unique experimental percussion project in Greece (rock bands, jazz, etc..) Moving from Corfu to Athens to study Music Technology and Sound Engineering he meets Leon Segka from “Ntrop Recordings”, unleashing the first releases as Scorpio. After his debut album “Elektra’s Eyes” on Ntrop Recordings, Scorpio starts to release his music through international labels.

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There are two groups using the name Diode on last.fm, a drum and bass outfit and this one:
Diode formed in 2001 in Perth. The group has previously released several independent recordings including "Messages" (2001). Their album “Diode” (2007) builds on these outings adding a tighter, more developed sound. Diode has played at the Tote bar in Melbourne as part of “Octopus 7, Don’t Show Me Your Poetry” and was feature in “Old Skool” at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art.

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Silent Witness

There are multiple groups using this name: 1.A devoted follower of techno-influenced drum & bass, Silent Witness adds a new edge & attitude, combining elements of the deep & uplifting within his tear-out dance floor productions. First surfacing as Brainiac on breakbeat label Stratosphere Recordings, his powerful sound soon caught the attentions of many including The Plump DJs who included 'Neuro' (2001), his acid-tinged debut on their Urban Underground (INCredible) mix and Sony who licensed the track for the soundtrack to the video game Wipeout Fusion (Playstation 2).

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