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Dean Rodell

True veteran Dean Rodell has been involved in underground music since the early 90s and has been the man behind dozens of innovative, genre-fusing records and remixes on many of the worlds leading Techno labels. More recently Dean´s innovative approach to music has led him to branch out into the worlds of Drum&Bass and Dubstep and in 2004 he created Subdivision to house a family of labels and artists involved in all the scenes he loves in the pursuit of musical innovation.

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Funky Drummer Macc is a well known name in the drumfunk scene with mad drum programming skills. Various releases on Paradox's Outsider Recordings, Counter Intelligence, Exegene and forthcoming bits on Breakin', Mindrush Recordings and 13 Music witness the man's talents. Besides being a producer, Macc also performs live Drumfunk across Europe as well.

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Nu:Logic are Dan Gresham (Nu:Tone) and his brother Matt Gresham (Logistics). Their first release, "Warriors/Not The Only One", in 2003 was the first release which Matt Gresham was involved in, and in 2004, they were featured on Hospital Records' "Weapons of Mass Creation Vol. 1". From then on, Logistics and Nu:Tone went on as solo artists.
They came back in 2010 with the New Technique EP.

Nu:Logic on Last.fm.

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There are numerous artists named Overlook...
1) An up and coming Drum & Bass producer named Jason Luxton:
With releases on Renegade Hardware, Samurai, 31 records, Horizons and architecture big things are going to come from this lad!
One third of Arma,Based in Bournemouth and head honcho of Mirrors Audio... 2) In 2005, brothers Billy and Timmy Roach formed the Philadelphia based alternative rock band Overlook. The band combines textured ambient guitars and synths with a driving rhythm section, providing the ultimate backdrop for singer Billy Roach

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Social Security

Simon and myself had met when we were both around 12 years old. We’d both been expelled from local public boy’s schools unable to adhere to the regimes and doctrines of a private education. A career in banking, the military or the city didn’t suit our recalcitrant ways so we were sent to the local comprehensive where we were taught how to be thick. We loved everything sixties, the clothes, the look, the songs, the bands, the T.V. the films and anything to do with Ealing Cinema.

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Mefjus is a Drum&Bass Producer and DJ from Austria. Mefjus is a new serious threat to emerge from the austrian drum and bass scene lately. His furious productions and collaborations speak for themselves and can be found in most of the neurofunk mixes out there right now. Coming from a Hip Hop background and being familiar with outboard equipment, Mefjus entered production early on. This knowledge really planted a seed to grow now as he switched to the digital realm and took advantage of all the developments of music production in the 21st century.

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Jenna G

Jenna was a music fiend from an early age - both her parents were in bands and she grew up in a house surrounded by all sorts of musical influences. She first started presenting and DJ'ing on pirate radio at the tender age of 14. Here Jenna became inspired by underground sounds and hooked up with a group of MCs and DJs called Raggabeats Crew which turned into a hip hop group called Subliminal Darkness.

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