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Elisabeth Leonskaja

Elisabeth Leonskaja (b. November 23, 1945) is a Georgian pianist, born to a Russian family living in Tbilisi, then the capital of the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic. She gave her first concert at the age of eleven. In 1964 she began studies in Moscow Conservatory under Jacob Milstein. During her conservatory years she won prizes in competitions in Bucharest, Brussels and Paris.

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1.Shades were a R&B/pop group signed to Motown, releasing a selftitled album in 1997. The album featured the hits 'Serenade' & 'Tell Me (I'll Be Around). Also included is a cover of The Bee Gees 'How Deep Is Your Love'. 2. Shades is a four piece electronic band from Boise, Idaho. Their debut album, Clear Motions, was released under Synthemesc Recordings. 3. "SHADES is Ana, a girl who always saw at parties and concerts they went.

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1.Tomas is an urban dance pop recording artist as well as an actor and choreographer. getUP! is his 2001 debut release. He is currently on tour this summer promoting music from the compilation release, "te! presents Rhythm for the Runway", as well as songs from his second full length release, Well...There It Is! due later this year. 2. Russian pop-rock group Томас 3. Cool dutch dude, doing his thing here: 4. Guy from Slovakia

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There are at least 6 bands/artists with this name: A Russian Black Metal band; a rapper from Georgia, US; a progressive rock band from France; a Norwegian 80s pop band; a project by the Lithuanian McKaras; DJ Drama. 1) Drama, a Russian Black Metal band formed in 2001
The band was formed in June, 2001 when Vindsarg and Dym
left their previous project Blackart (melodic black/death metal)
and decided to create something more serious.
Then Zah (Ninzah, ex-Dethroner) joined the band and all
together they started playing heartily. Having looked through

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1)Reflex is a entertaning music band from Hungary.
2)Reflex is a pop/dance/electronic band from Russia.
3)Reflex is a rock band from Turkey, fronted by ex-Pentagram (Mezarkabul) guitarist Murat Net.
4)Reflex is a hardcore punk from Slovenia.
5)Reflex is a Norwegian gospel choir
6)Reflex is a disco/glitch DJ/producer residing in San Francisco, California.
7)Reflex is a demoscene musician from France.

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