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Nome is the name of three different artists:
1) Italian band
2) Melodic death metal band from Finland
3) IDM/breaks artist - old project of Sean Forsyth 1) An Italian band signed to Eclectic Circus. They released their first single Le cose succedono in September 2007. 2) A melodic metal band from a small town called Vimpeli located in Southern Osthrobotnia of Finland. The band was founded in 2003 and the initial musical direction followed gothic thematics both lyrically and musically. Along the years, drastic line-up changes occured as well as new musical routes were constantly explored.

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The Puncture Repair Kit

The Puncture Repair Kit are a rickety chamber-pop band from Cambridge. There are 6 of them: Matthew, Lozzy, Becky, Rachel, Kellye and Mark, and they play instuments including guitar, bass, drums, flute, violin, cello, accordian, glockenspiel, banjo. Everybody sings and the audience all go home with a warm fuzzy feeling, a nagging sense of unease and possibly a badge or something. The Puncture Repair Kit started in March 2007 and have no clue how to make it stop. They have been told that they sound a bit like The Delgados, Arcade Fire, Belle & Sebastian and Architecture In Helsinki.

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My Sad Captains

my sad captains are a London-based quintet who sound like pavement getting a pop overhaul. Formed in late 2004, they expand on the standard guitar line-up by adding various other instruments, such as violin, melodica, keyboard, glockenspiel and samples. They produce an american alt-pop sound, touched with country lashes and occasional fiery noise outbursts. They attempt to play interesting melodic songs that hold people's interest.

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23 Skidoo

23 Skidoo cross , , , , and elements. The band had interests in martial arts, and drumming, Fela Kuti, The Last Poets, William S. Burroughs, as well as the emerging confluence of industrial music, and funk. 23 Skidoo was formed in North London, UK in 1979 as a post-punk trio. By 1980 they had grown into a quartet consisting of Fritz Catlin, Johnny Turnbull, Sam Mills and Patrick Griffiths.

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Butcher Boy

(1)Butcher Boy are from Glasgow in Scotland and have been performing since 1997. The Butcher Boy debut album Profit in Your Poetry was released in 2007 on London-based label How Does It Feel To Be Loved

Their second album, React or Die will be released in early April 2009. website
myspace (2) Dublin based rap artist

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Plastiscines are a female rock band from Saint-Cyr-l'École, France. Katty Besnard, Marine Neuilly and Zazie Tavitian met each other in Mansart High School where they bonded over their love of rock 'n' roll music. After they went to see several gigs together, they decided to form a band. In 2004, they met Louise Basilien at a Libertines gig, and she then became the bassist. Et voila, the band was complete : Katty (singer & guitar), Marine (guitar), Louise (bass) and Zazie (drums).


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