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Wedding is an industrial/power electronics group consisting of Clay Ruby (Burial Hex/Hintergedanken/Second Family Band/Daveport/Zodiacs/Jex Thoth etc.), Karen Eliot (Mumber Toes/Hintergedanken/Jaged Ice/Dragon Faggot With The Crystal Skulls In Tibet/Wereshark etc.) and Mansfield (Mansfield Deathtrap Re-Recordings/Craig Microcassette System/Wereshark/Airmac etc.). They have to date released one cassette on the Skulls of Heaven label and contributed a track to the Streicher tribute cassette "The Stormer".

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Treebeard were formed in 1998 by Haze & World Turtle brothers Chris & Paul McMahon plus Paul Chisnell (Haze, Three Legged Cat, Old Pekuliar), Gordon Walker (Ant Hill Mob & guest on World Turtle's 'Wilderness of Eden') and Chris Jellis (Old Pekuliar). The band play original songs and tunes as well as a selection of rock, pop, folk (& even country!) songs in their own inimitable way.
The band describe their style as 'Heavy Wood', acoustic music played on a range of instruments, including guitar, fiddle...

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There are at least three bands called Greyscale. 1. Greyscale is a band from Memphis, TN influenced by 90s emo hardcore and post-hardcore.. 2. band "Greyscale" from Reno, Nevada (USA) originally from Long Island/ NYC . 3. Greyscale are a collaborative 3 piece predominantly instrumental band from Melbourne, Australia and have released 2 CDs since formation in 1998: 1999's "Scientifically Rough" EP (Recursive Records), and 2003's Cruel Machine (Recursive / Camera Obscura.

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Mondo Generator

Mondo Generator (sometimes known as "Nick Oliveri And The Mondo Generator") is an American / band fronted by Nick Oliveri. Nick Oliveri (under the moniker Rex Everything) formed Mondo Generator in 1997 and with friends Josh Homme, Brant Bjork, Rob Oswald, and others, recorded the debut album, Cocaine Rodeo. The LP wouldn't be released until 3 years later due to Oliveri and Homme being full-time members of Queens of the Stone Age.

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