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The WiLd EyeS

Formed in mid 2004, The Wild Eyes were Nikhil Singh on vocals, guitar and synth, Gareth Dawson on bass and backing vocals, Len Cockcroft on drums, percussion and backing vocals. The band’s first full length debut was a limited edition album titled: ‘Our Love has a Special Violence’ produced by Dirk Hugo and released in 2005 on One Minute Trolley Dash records. In keeping with the label’s ethos, "Our Love Has a Special Violence" is packaged in a vibrant translucent digi-pack, each of which has been silk-screened by hand.

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Formed in 2004, FGFC820 is the hard EBM project from well-known and respected New York City DJs Rexx Arkana and Dräcos. Drawing on joint and separate influences ranging from old school industrial to modern gabber, Arkana and Dräcos combine to create a sound that is at once melodic and relentlessly rhythmic. Their debut EP, "The Hanging Garden," was released in 2005. They have also contributed tracks to several "Endzeit Bunkertracks" samplers (alfa-matrix), "A Tribute to The Cure" (Equinoxe)...

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Apoptygma Berzerk

Apoptygma Berzerk is a Norwegian // musical group, formed in 1989. The current lineup includes Stephan Groth (vocals, programming, guitars, samples), Brandon Smith (guitars) and Thomas Jakobsen (drums). The group has achieved moderate commercial success with a unique brand of gloomy, danceable gothic , winning awards and Top-10 spots in Germany and Scandinavia. The band's name is commonly abbreviated to APOP or APB.

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There are six (6) artists by the name Moth. (1) MOTH was formed in a Cincinnati, OH garage in the early 90s by frontman and tune-smith Brad Stenz with guitarist "The Billionaire" joining shortly thereafter. Drummer Kevin Hogle made his appearance with the band shortly after Virgin Records fall-out and bassist Eli White followed in tow. The band has released five full length records including a major label release on Virgin records. They have also done live performances on Craig Kilborne, AOL, and Chicago's Man Cow Show, numerous national tours and a UK tour.

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God's Azolla

God's Azolla is the solo project set up by Lewis, lenis23 of Toluene and formerly Biz Baz Boz. He produces semi-experimental ambient styled electronic perambulation, relentless mind spinning ambient technopop and/or distorted noise via a variety of vintage and modern instruments. Recently produced in high bedroom quality for 2011 is Myths Of the Near Future (Myths Of The Near Future (Continual Work In Progress)). A collection of Musical Idea's and personal experamentalism.

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Paul Heslin

CHAQUE JOUR NOTES: no instruments were used in the making of these tracks, the sounds used were from a shower, eating breakfast (eggs on toast), catching a train (pakenham line), working (rosebud projection room), watching tv (channel surfing), sex (in paris), and sleeping (snoring) free download at

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The Tempers

There are two bands currently listed under the name "The Tempers": 1) Seattle band that has released two albums, "Vol. 1" (2012) and "Together We Are The Love Vortex" (2012). See bio below. 2) Maurice Mattei and The Tempers released the album "Strum and Drag" (2011) The Tempers, a three piece family band consisting of Corina Bakker on vocals, Chalia Bakker on drums, and James Bakker on the keyboard hail from the rainy pacific northwest Seattle, Washington.

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