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Electronic Duo from Newport, Wales. ”Sleep Education is a mix of gentle twilight euphoria and twinkling calm, perfectly complimenting the ambient beauty of Jewellers.” - ABEANO “Sleep Education is an album fully capable of transporting its listener to another time. Jewellers seem poised for great things” - Never Enough Notes ”A blissful collection of multi-layered, warm sonic constructions that wash over you in smooth, slow motion waves” - CMU Approved

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Blackbird Blackbird

Blackbird Blackbird is an electro psych-pop band from San Francisco. 23-year old producer/multi-intrumentalist Mikey Maramag is a Filipino-American electronic musician who started Blackbird Blackbird after studying Literature and American History at UC Santa Cruz. Blackbird Blackbird released a slew of EPs in 2010, including "Happy High" and "Let's Move on Together". In Summer 2010, Blackbird Blackbird released their first LP "Summer Heart", which is a compilation of the first two EPs in addition to five additional tracks (including the hit single "Hawaii"...

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John Jagos began recording under the name Brothertiger in Toledo, OH during the summer of 2009. He began recording electronic music in 2006 as Monoteque, an experimental project characterized by tribal beats and pulsing synthesizers. Influenced heavily by the electronic sound of Brian Eno and M83, along with the experimental characteristics of Animal Collective, Caribou, and Yeasayer, Jagos recorded many tracks throughout the final half of 2009. After he released the Apache Feathers EP on the Modicum of Silence net-label, he soon began work on the Vision Tunnels EP.

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There are three bands known to have used this name. 1. 2013 - Present: Rock band from London, England.
Band Members: Alex Davies (Vocals/guitar), Dan Mount (Bass), Bob Barrett (Drums)
Following the hiatus of the band Elliot Minor, frontman Alex went on to form a new band.
Their first single ‘Sweet Dynamite’ was released via PledgeMusic in January 2013. 2. Spirits (Slovenia) also known as "Night Spirits" are a grunge rock group from Izola (Slovenia), active in the 90's. They released his first and only album "Zemljin Krik" (Earth's Scream) in 1999.

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