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JetKing are a Bristol-based band who play a blend of guitar-based indie mixed with
electronica. The band has a big and very diverse melting pot of influences and this goes some
way to explain why they are so different. Grooving bass, quirky guitars, analogue
electronica, BIG drums and strong vocals complete the sound. Originally a studio project only, the band launched itself into the live circuit in summer

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Tissue Culture

Tissue Culture are a seriously noisy bunch of young lions from Newcastle. They haven’t been around a long time, but they’ve already built up an impressive TishCult following. What’s more exciting is that they seem to be getting better with each deafening, thrilling live show. Their first release on Tiny Lights, Saint Waleric was released on October 29th 2012, and celebrated with an awesome party at The Cluny 2 on Halloween. SmithBellHendazPottaReed

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Athens, GA's breakout sexy groove machine Imagine you take a giant stuffed panda bear and you animate it using sparkling ultraviolet ray pulses. You also take Big Bird. You put them in a room to fight to the death with marshmallow swords. But then you realize that there is no such thing as death and so really they're just hitting each other, and every time they hit each other rainbows bounce off the walls and little morsels of marshmallow blast off.

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