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Nom scénique : MIL
Localisation : Essonne Caractèristique physique : une barbe, un chauve et des allstars A l'âge de 13 ans, ses baskets traversent Châtelet, la galette 2 titres lui fait tourner la tête, son argent de poche disparait chez les disquaires. Le diamant glisse sur les instrumentales, Mil frappe ses premières punchline. Musique non-stop dans les oreilles et premiers freestyles sur face b.

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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Villain consists of The Thom and Fil OK a British/Danish co-operation based in London, UK. They have played at venues in London and Berlin and appear on the album "Shave Your Pet" with the track "Blooz". See more at: 2) Villain is a hardcore band hailing from Marlborough, MA. It has been said that their music combines elements of hardcore, thrash, and punk.

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1. Oz is a Finnish band in the 80's. They're not very well known these days but they were among the first and most succesful bands and did some solid groundwork for the Finnish metal scene that blooms today. The band retired after releasing the "Roll the Dice" album, but reunited, located in Sweden, in February 2010. The band has, until this day, released 5 studio albums, 1 EP, Two singles and has appeared on "Scandinavian Metal Attack" splits 1 & 2.

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There are two bands called Griever. One is a a new visual kei band, the other a gothic rock band with metal leanings from Glasgow, UK. Griever, the visual kei band were originally produced by (not signed to) UNDER CODE PRODUCTION but now have nothing to do with the label. Vo. Sin; Gu. KIKYO; Gu. MAY; Ba. YOURI; Dr. TOKI Discography: 2009.04.01 1st single [ IDEAL TRIGGER ]
Griever Homepage

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At least 4 bands/artists using the name Sai exist: 1. SAI ( is an alternative visual rock band from Gothenburg, Sweden which also has several elements of other genres mixed in their sound. The band was founded by it's main composer Arian in 2007, although 2008 should be considered the band's true start due to this being the year when the present line-up was established: Huy (vocals), Arian (lead guitar), Nikke (rhythm guitar), Ken (bass) & Andie (drums). The band continues to build a presence in the musical world despite being currently unsigned.

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1) NoGoD (Previously known as 新興宗教楽団NoGoD) is a with style band formed in 2005 in Tokyo, Japan. The band consist of 団長 (Danchou, Vocals), Kyrie (Guitar), Shinno (Guitar), 華凛 (Karin, Bass) and K (Drums). Since 2010, they have a major-contract on KING RECORDS. During their Indies-era on ART POP ENTERTAINMENT, they released 2 studio-albums ("夢幻教" in 2008 and "極彩色" in 2009), 2 mini-albums and 10 singles. Their major debut on KING RECORDS was their single "カクセイ" (Kakusei) released on June 9th, 2010.

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LM.C is a rock band from Japan. Members:
Vo. Maya ( sinners (as a guitarist)→ 雅-MIYAVI- (support, as a guitarist) → LM.C )
Gu. Aiji ( KALENPierrotLM.C )
Ba. Ikuo / Ken
Dr. Death-O / Yuya
Key. JAYKAY / Jun
VJ. DENKI-MAN LM.C was founded by Maya in Tokyo,Japan , a support guitarist for musician Miyavi in the support band Ishihara Gundan (Ishihara being Miyavi's real last name, Gundan means 'brigade' or 'army' in Japanese) and a guitarist in his own band, Sinners. While still with Miyavi, maya and other support members also played live shows as LM.

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